Is pecan wood good for furniture

No one can deny the beauty and comfort of having wood furniture in the house. Even if you have modern couches or metal chairs, you will still feel that the way wood furniture enhances the house’s charm, nothing comes even close to it. When you decide to buy furniture, you get exposed to a wide range of woods and pecan is one of them. The question may come to your mind: is pecan wood good for furniture? Well, this article is all about this question and you will have a fully clear mind at the end of this reading.

Is pecan wood actually good for furniture?

Yes, pecan is one of the most popular hardwoods and is considered good for making furniture. It is preferred for furniture making because of its durability, sustainability, strength, and charming texture.

Aside from this, making furniture from pecan wood is also easy which makes it the favorite of furniture makers. Its consistent texture makes it easy be cut and craft into different shapes and designs. The final furniture will have a smooth polished finish as well.

Is pecan wood good for chairs?

Yes, pecan wood is great for chairs as they are dense, strong, and durable at the same time. It may cost you a bit more because crafting it into a chair would be time-consuming but it can last for decades. Also, because of the pleasing texture, it looks aesthetically attractive in the room.

Is pecan wood good for bed?

Yes, pecan wood is perfect for a bed because of its hardness and ability to withstand a lot of pressure and weight without cracking or breaking. As the bed stays in the same place for a long time, maintenance is necessary. Protect it from moisture while cleaning the floor and clean it regularly.

Is pecan wood good for making a dining table?

Pecan wood has an attractive appearance with unique texture and grain patterns. It can be a good option to make dining tables whether you need a minimalist design or a full-fledged modern one.

With polishing and finishing, a pecan wood dining table can look good with all kinds of floors and walls. Though pecan wood chairs will look great, you can even place aluminum or any other metal chairs and the charm will remain the same.

Is pecan wood furniture better than oak?

Both pecan and oak hardwoods are quite distinctive in characteristics. Pecan is better in terms of grain pattern, color richness, and charm while oak is considered better because of its strength and durability.

In a nutshell, oak is better if you want furniture that lasts for decades but if you want furniture with a more appealing look with adequate strength and durability, pecan could be a good option.

Is pecan wood furniture better than walnut?

Pecan and walnut wood furniture are almost the same in terms of appearance, smooth patterns, and final finished look.

The strength and durability don’t have much of a difference. The thing that differentiates them is the shade of color. Pecan has a very rich color while walnut has a dark sophisticated look.

Pros of pecan wood furniture:

You get some of the best advantages that can ever come when buying pecan wood furniture. Major plus points include:

  1. Highly durable.
  2. High resistance to insect attacks, wear and tear, warping, cracking, and splitting.
  3. Unique grain patterns and attractive appearance.
  4. Variety of textures with different strips and knots.
  5. Wide range of colors and shades.
  6. Requires very low maintenance.

Cons of pecan wood furniture:

Though pecan wood is great in most of its aspects, there are still some cons that should be considered while committing to buying furniture of this specific wood.

  1. Relatively expensive from many other kinds of wood.
  2. Heavy weight makes it difficult to transport or move.
  3. A bit sensitive to moisture and direct sunlight.
  4. Limited availability.

Is pecan wood hard or soft?

Pecan wood is extremely hard, even more than oak. That is the reason that woodworkers find it difficult to make furniture. However, its furniture is strong and has good durability.

The furniture has good resistance to scratches and environmental factors. Its hardness also prevents other issues like dents, warping, splitting, and easily breaking in between.

Is pecan wood furniture heavy?

Yes and No, pecan is heavy but not to an extreme level. People usually confuse its weight with its hardness which is not correct. Pecan wood furniture is moderately heavy but has good strength, hardness, and is very resilient.

Is pecan wood furniture expensive?

Pecan wood furniture has higher prices than oak and walnut especially because of its demand. As the wood is not so commonly used, difficult to source, and has huge demands, it always costs more to buy furniture of such wood.

Apart from this, the cost of making pecan wood furniture is also high because of the hardness. It takes extra time to cut, craft, shape, and sand furniture from pecan as compared to many other commonly used kinds of wood in the market. 

How long does pecan wood furniture last?

Though the answer to this question varies depending upon the external condition of the furniture, pecan wood furniture can easily last for decades. If you take care of it in the best way possible, there are examples of furniture made of pecan wood lasting for generations.

How does pecan wood furniture last long?

The main thing to increase pecan wood furniture life is to take care of it and maintain it in a good way. You can do this by following:

  1. Clean the furniture regularly to remove dust and debris (using a soft cloth, duster, or a vacuum cleaner) before it builds up.
  2. Place your furniture under a shade and always avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Though pecan wood is highly resistant, protecting it from extreme weather conditions can increase its life manyfold.
  4. Use a high-quality wood cleaner with no harsh chemicals.
  5. Use specialized products to protect furniture from moisture and other attacks. Wax and oil are good options but it is better to call a professional to apply a layer on your furniture.

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