How to dispose of furniture without fire labels

Furniture that has no fire label is not easy to dispose of. Charity shops refuse to take the donated furniture even if it is an imperfect condition. But a private selling person can negotiate to sell the second-hand furniture. People who have antique furniture often have no fire labels. Sometimes on the internet, you may find furniture that was used decades ago. Furniture of that age had no safety labels.

In 1988 furniture and furnishing fire safety regulations were in force. Since the second-hand sofa supplying was regarded as an illegal act. The easiest way to dispose of your old furniture is to recover it with a new fabric.

What is fire label?

The first thing you want to be assured of is the sofa has all the relevant safety regulations? The most important reason to know is there a fire safety label? When you want to donate an old sofa to a charity the first thing you will be asked if the sofa has a fire label.

We have to know what fire label is and where it could be found on the furniture. It is legally required to be placed on the furniture including arm chairs, sofas, and more other furniture. The fire safety label has the purpose of ensuring the question of fire safety regulations. It is a very important action to fit the fire label and it must be permanent. Every new furniture should have a fire label for selling and meet the fire safety regulations.

Other items like bed base, mattresses, and divans must have the fire safety label. The label you find on a sofa and on the mattresses are not the same. They have different functions and covers different legislations. They mostly come in blue colors and it is resistant to match and cigarettes.

Where to find the fire label on a sofa

If you don’t know where to find the fire label on a sofa, then the advice will be helpful for you. The cushions cover is a suitable area to set the fire label. It is usually sewn under the cushions. No one will find it difficult to locate the fire label on a sofa. Start searching by lifting the sofa cushions, now check the whole cushion lay and under them. You will find the fire label on the area. If you failed to spot the fire label, you cannot donate it to charity.

Why the fire labels are so important

When you try to donate your sofa to charity the first question you face is about the fire safety label of the furniture. Because the fire safety label is the assurance of the product. The presence of a fire safety label on an item assures the fire safety regulations. Without following the fire safety regulations means allowing the manufacturers to use flammable materials. It is a dangerous threat to the user’s safety in a state of the fire accident.

The manufacturers become responsible for the furniture products they sell which have a fire safety label. They protect the rights of the consumers to have proper safety regulations and make the furniture industry better.

Fire safety labels contain some important information. The information includes the cautionary display, the product identification number, and the most important fire-resistant tips. The summary of the regulations compliance is also added in several fire safety labels.

Some labels also include supplier information such as names, the manufacturing date of the item, and imported description of the materials.

Can i sell the furniture without a fire label

Second-hand household furniture is governed by small retail management. It allows selling furniture without fire labels that are made before the law. The problem of fire safety label is a result of old regulations.

As the fire safety regulations, 1988 pieces of advice the supply of second-hand sofas are illegal if they don’t have permanent fire safety labels attached. It is prohibited in the course of business or even trading.

The traders or buyers of second-hand furniture are allowed to accept the items which are attached to the permanent label. It is a must need to make sure the trading meets the standard safety regulations. The furniture and furnishing safety regulations in 1988, 1989, 1993, and 2010 are the acts that traders must follow.

Some of the furniture charities are too choosey. It was possible before the 1950s to donate furniture without a fire safety label. But now the owner of the previous furniture has to inform about the fire safety labels. It helps the buyer to choose and make an informed decision making about the used furniture they are going to buy. Whether you are buying second-hand furniture it is the first and foremost duty to inform the buyer of the fire safety labels. Although many people buy second-hand furniture in their home that has no safety label. Especially the antique furniture has no safety label.

The first safety labels should be in place fixed but not without professional intention. The furniture under fire no fire labels with even larger furniture never been redecorated. The furniture and furnishing fire safety regulations 1988 was amended in 1989 and 1993. In 2010 it was amended to set the fire label assistant for the domestic furniture and other products. The furniture and matrasses must have the safety regulations requirements should caring for the permanent labels. There are very few exceptions that will allow you to take a furniture without proper fire regulation certificate.

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