Wayfair vs ikea furniture

Furniture is one of the basic necessities of life. We all need some furniture at home because not only it is necessary to live a comfortable life but it is also important to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of your home or office.

While purchasing furniture, many people ask us whether they should go for Wayfair or IKEA furniture. Well, there is so simple answer to that because both of them have their own specialties and features. In this article, we have dropped a detailed comparison of IKEA vs Wayfair so that you can make your decision based on actual facts and not rumors.

Instead of getting into complex details and comparisons, we have laid out everything about Wayfair and IKEA in plain and simple details, so that you can easily make the best choice.

Everything you need to know about wayfair

Wayfair is among the most famous furniture brands in the world. They offer elegant and stylish furniture items so that everyone can style their dream house at an affordable price. Wayfair is also among the leading online sellers of furniture. You can explore more than 14 million furniture products in their online inventory.

The most amazing fact is that they are offering a diverse range of furniture items. From home décor to storage, home improvement to outdoor furniture, you can literally get everything you wish for from Wayfair. They have an excellent quality of items, great customer service, and offering delivery and return as well.

Pros & Cons of Wayfair

Like anything else in the world, Wayfair also has some pros and cons which we have explained in details below:

Pros of Wayfair

  1. Wayfair offers in-home delivery and setup upon purchasing any of their products.
  2. If you want to return or change your product, don’t worry because Wayfair allows you to return any product within 30 days of purchase.
  3. Wayfair also has secure protection plans for any of your purchases.
  4. You can choose your favorite furniture from million of products having a different design, style, and color.
  5. Say goodbye to paying extra money for shipping charges because Wayfair offers free shipping for products over $49.
  6. You can access all the price points.

Cons of Wayfair

  1. If you are eyeing in-home delivery then there is bad news that you will have to pay extra charges for that.
  2. Wayfair allows a very limited time span for returns and changes.
  3. Despite being a huge company, Wayfair has no warrant on any of its products.
  4. Wayfair is a mass retailer company and doesn’t have any showrooms where you can go and check all the products on display.

Everything you need to know about IKEA

IKEA is another famous furniture brand blessing us with elegant furniture items enriched with simplicity and modern style. IKEA is concerned about creating a better environment for the planet and all of its inhabitants. Their goal is to provide high-quality furniture at the lowest possible price along with smooth customer care because they believe that everyone has a right to live a comfortable life and style their home the way they want. Moreover, they are also offering a wide range of quality furnishing products.

Pros & Cons of IKEA Furniture

Just like Wayfair, IKEA also has its own pros and cons that we have explained in detail as well.

Pros of IKEA

  1. The thing that gives IKEA an edge over Wayfair is their 365 days return policy. It means that they have so much confidence in their products that they allow you to return the product within a year of purchase.
  2. Unlike Wayfair, IKEA has warranties on a few of their products. However, the warranties vary for each product.
  3. IKEA also got a vast collection of furniture items having different styles, colors, and designs. You can select your favorite product from a variety of items.
  4. IKEA is offering flat rate shipping charges.
  5. IKEA got lower cost points.
  6. Unlike Wayfair, IKEA has several showrooms across the United States where you can go yourself and check out the items on display.

Cons of IKEA

  1. Unlike Wayfair, IKEA does not offer in-home delivery or setup.
  2. IKEA does not offer free shipping while you get free shipping for products over 49$ at Wayfair.
  3. The quality of IKEA products have not been up to the mark.

Wayfair & IKEA. Which is better

Here is a brief comparison of IKEA VS Wayfair that can help you compare the features of both and make a final decision.

Price Range

On average, IKEA products are a bit cheaper than Wayfair products. IKEA product prices range from $120-$4000 whereas you can get IKEA products for as low as $150-$3200.

Range of Products

IKEA and Wayfair are equal when it comes to the range of products. Both companies offer a diverse variety of products ranging from sofas, loungers, and love sheets.

Shipping Time

IKEA has a better shipping duration as they ship your product within 1 to 2 weeks. While Wayfair’s shipping duration takes almost 1 to 3 weeks.

Shipping Charges

Wayfair has an edge over IKEA when it comes to shipping because they offer free shipping for products over $49. On the other hand, IKEA does not offer free shipping and charges $39 to $59. The price may vary depending upon the size of the item.

Return Duration

IKEA has a longer return duration than Wayfair as IKEA allow you to return products within a year of purchase whereas Wayfair only give you 30 days to return the products

Restrictions for Return

IKEA has soft restrictions and they accept returns if the product is not stained, dirty, damaged, or compromised. While Wayfair only accepts return if the product is in original packing.


IKEA is better when it comes to warranty as they offer limited warranties on specific products.

Wayfair does not offer a warranty on any of its products.

Delivery Services

Wayfair allows you to choose different delivery options depending upon your budget from basic drop off delivery to in-home delivery with setup.

IKEA on the other hand only provides basic shipping and delivery services and does not provide in-home delivery and setup.

Customer Care

The customer care at Wayfair is not up to the mark as they are a giant global retailer and have a huge audience. IKEA has better customer care than Wayfair.

Quality of Product

Wayfair products have better quality than IKEA products.

Final thought:

Is wayfair cheaper than ikea? It depends on which furniture you choose. Some furniture, yes, wayfair seem cheaper. Is wayfair better than ikea? No. IKEA product quality control is good. Our clients never have any issue with IKEA furniture so far. We strongly recommend you read our previous average life expectancy of furniture guide to learn more.

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