Who is accepting furniture donations during covid

Bored of old furniture? Doesn’t like it any more. Let’s donate it. Yes it is possible to donate furniture. Donation to charity have always been a very good way to get rid of stuff we don’t want anymore. Furniture donation is in trend during covid-19 period.

Furniture donation would not be easy if you have to carry it all way long and shift from one place to other. But fortunately there are some organizations who are doing all this for you. Furniture can easily be donated from home. One of benefit of these companies is that they are all non-profit organizations. The following companies are doing this.

Salvation army

Salvation Army is one of the famous companies taking furniture as donation. It is doing this job for almost 150 years and it is found in almost 7000 areas of US

There are two options available for donating items.

  • To donate furniture at Salvation army’s store
  • Donate through free pickup
  • Donation Usage:

All the funds are donated to Adult’s rehabilitation centers.Almost 60000 people are being helped by this company including domestic violence victims, victims of natural disastrous etc. It also provides online training sessions. It also helps people to gain high school or college degree.

Donation Method:

To use pickup from home option open this link “satruck.org/donate/choose”. Enter the required information like date, items etc. And schedule your donation trip. Moreover its not necessary to be at home for handing over donation items to Salvation army, they can pick it from the outside of your house too.


It is another organization for donation of furniture. It is located in US and Canada at more than 2000 areas, New or old both things can be donated. The donated items are sold at lower rate at Goodwill’s store. The money collected from selling of furniture is mainly used for charity and in various purposes like job training, employment, helpingpoor etc.

Donation Usage:

This organization provides opportunities to every age group like young, old, elder people also to the people with disabilities or those trying to recover from prison. Job training is also given to them.

Donation Method:

Use the link “ Goodwill.org/locator”. Pickup option is available but you can also go to store for donation furniture.

AMVETS national service foundation:

This organization has been working in US since 1944.It is working in 22 states of USA.The money collected from donation is used in job training programs and programs of community outreach.

Donation Usage:

It basically help those people who are currently or in past involved in wars. It helps both men and women who served in war situation.

Donation Method:

Use the link “ amvets.org/thrift-stores

Select your location

If this organization is serving in your area a specific number will be given to you

Use that number to schedule a pickup for you.

Habitat for humanity

It was founded in 1976 .It is serving in almost 70 countries worldwide. It is a good choice to donate large furniture items. This organization sells furniture items at a cheaper rate at thrift stores and funds are collected. Habitat for Humanity Organizations operates Habitat for Humanity Restores.

Donation Usage:

This organization usually helps those families who are in need of affording housing.

Donation Method:

Use this Link “ habitat.org/stories/does-habitat-offer-furniture-donation-pickup” to plan a donation trip for you. Enter your zip code to see the location of these stores in your area.

Contact a store suitable for you.

Pickup pleasep

It is not a famous organization as others. It is a program to support Vietnam variants of USA.Although it is not as famous as others but it is a good choice for donating furniture. They usually prefer light weight and small items which area easy to carry.  It is efficient in terms of timeliness. As you can schedule a donation pick up within 24 hours. They are very serious about their timelines.

Donation Usage:

This organization uses its funds to help war experts of all ages of America. The facilities they mostly provide to variants are providing medical facilities, providing general welfare to those who are homeless and disable.They also look after women and minor variants.

Donation Method:


Use this link to get services of this company. Enter Zip code to check whether it is providing services on your area or not. One additional advantage of this company is that they also picks up your furniture from the put side of your house. You just have to label your location with “VVA Donation Pickup”.


It is actually not a charity company itself. It works differently from otherorganizations. It works with non-profit organizations to collect funds for their thrift stores. But it is a pretty good option to donate your furniture especially when you want a pickup from your home.one more benefit of this company is that it also pickups up large furniture items who are usually carried on trucks.

Donation Usage:

This company usually help thrift stores and provide them furniture items. These thrift stores may use these for their own purpose but also they provide it to others who need it. You can donate your large furniture items to those who need it. This company directly connects you with their partners who will guide you.

Donation Method:

pickupmydonation.com” use this link to reach their website. Then add a list of items you want to donate. Your list is then checked with nearest thrift stores requirements, if they are interested in your items .they will arrange a donation pickup for you. If your donation isn’t big enough to be carried in truck they well guide you to drop it to your nearest thrift stores

Furniture bank network

This company is serving in 34 states. It is also a good option for donating furniture

Donation Usage:

It usually helps those people who can’t afford furniture to furnish their homes. Like homeless women, children, immigrants and victims of domestic violence

Donation Method:

 “furniturebanks.org/furniture-banks/” use this link to open their website. It will guide you to your nearest store. It offers pick-ups most of the time.

The arc

This company is serving since 1950.It is present in almost 700 areas of America. It collects funds through thrift stores which stokes donated items.

Donation Usage:

It helps people with mental disabilities both adults and children.

Donation Method:

 feelgreatdonate.org use this link to plan a pick-up for you. You have to register first for planning a pickup. A pick up trip can also be planned by directly calling their telephone number.

Few Key points while donation

Donating is a best way to get rid of old furniture when you are moving to a new place or just want to replace it with new furniture. But few things must be kept in consideration.Following points me must be kept in mind while donating furniture:

Tax Deductible:

The furniture items you are donating should must be tax deductible. There must be e tax deductible coupon given to every person who is donating. These coupons would help them tax payment season.

Items condition:

If you are donating something, your goods must be in pretty good condition. Although its just a charity but these organisations doesn’t accept. If you are confused about your items condition you may also take guidance directly from these charity organizations.

 Lists of acceptable and not acceptable items are also provided on some websites for the ease of user. They can directly check weather their furniture is worth donating or not. Hereis a list of few items that are not likely to acceptable

  • Broken Furniture
  • Furniture with strains
  • Ripped Furniture
  • Furniture with pet’s odour
  • Broken glass / window panes/ mirrors
  • Broken corner tubs
  • Damaged lightings

Research before Donation:

As all of the companies serving efficiently but some research always helps to find a best option. As different companies may be accepting different items. It is not suggested to just rely on first option. Always select a best option that best suits you.

Advance pickup planning:

Always plan a advance pickup trip. As it is not good to leave everything on last minute. Once you have made your mind to donate furniture plan a pick up trip for you. And then you also must follow your planned schedules as some companies are very strict about deadlines. And it is also a professional practice.

Preparation of Donation:

You must prepare your furniture before donating it .It must be in good condition. Clean your furniture very well. Pack your furniture to keep it safe from any damage.


Donation has always been a very good way to help deserving people. And now it has become easier to donate things without going to anywhere and finding a place to donate your old unwanted furniture. Many companies are providing a facility of pick up donations even large furniture items. You just need an internet connection and your problem is all solved. So what are you waiting for?

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