How to dispose office furniture

There may come a situation when you consider getting rid of office furniture or think about the best method for office chair disposal. These questions can come into mind whether you are renovating your office, trying to free up some space, or just want to replace the furniture with the new one.

There are plenty of ways to dispose of office furniture but you should carefully think and go for the most suitable and ideal option. There are some methods that can waste a lot of your time and require a great effort to get the job done, while some other methods are easy to implement but quite harmful for the environment and what lives within it.  

The major options include donation, selling, and recycling but they have sub-options that should be considered while disposing of office furniture. The list of the most efficient methods includes the following:

  • Donate Office Furniture in Charity
  • Selling your Furniture to your Employees
  • Selling your Furniture to Stores
  • Hire a Junk Removal Service
  • Contact your Local Municipal Council
  • List your Office Furniture on Online Platforms
  • Repurpose the Office Furniture
  • Give your Office Furniture to Recycling Organizations

Donate office furniture in charity

As there are a lot of options where you can get your office furniture to be taken, donating your office furniture to a non-profit organization or charity foundation should be your first priority. Donating your furniture to small businesses that are just initiating can also be a great step.

Donating your office furniture will not only save your time, money, and effort but it will also protect our Earth from pollution as well. You may also get some benefits in terms of tax reduction, etc.

Selling your furniture to your employees

Employees should be the first priority whether you are going to donate the furniture or want to sell it. You should ask them if they want to buy and make sure that you provide them with a proper discount as well.

There are many employees that like their office chairs. They will be pleased to buy that chair from you as it will not only provide them with their desired comfort but will also allow them to get a chair at a far less price as compared to buying a new one.

Selling your office furniture to stores

There are many people who start their small businesses and want to get things going without spending a lot of money. This is a reason that the demand for used or recycled office furniture has been growing for many years.

Do keep this fact in mind that selling office furniture could take a lot of time or may cost you extra money as well because you may have to talk with different stores or organize an auction for this purpose.

Hire a junk removal service

This could be one of the most efficient and easy methods to dispose of your office furniture. You can get the job done by spending only a small amount of money without putting a lot of effort into the process.

Before hiring a junk removal company, make sure that they recycle the furniture or sell the furniture to the companies that recycle them because dumping the office furniture in the landfills can be harmful to the environment.

Do you tip junk haulers? Personally i will. They deserved this credit.

Contact your local municipal council

Contacting your local municipal council could be beneficial in many regards. They can offer you their own office furniture removal services but if they don’t offer such services, they will be able to guide you to the best service providers to get the job done.

You may have to pay a few bucks to the municipal council for picking up your office furniture and disposing of it properly but it will offer you major benefits where saving time and efforts are the most prominent. The only problem is that the municipal council will not offer disposal services on holidays or after some specific timings.

List your office furniture on online platforms

If you find that all the above methods are a bit difficult for you or you want to get the job done without doing much effort, listing your office furniture online can bring you great benefits. There are several online platforms that allow sellers from all around the world to list their products and buyers from all around the world to buy them.

You are only required to take some clear pictures of your office furniture and post them on the platform. It will not only help you to sell the office furniture but may also provide you with the benefits of picking up the pieces from your place.

Repurpose the office furniture

While you can dispose of your office furniture in any of the above-mentioned ways, it is better to consider it for re-purpose. You should contact a professional and experienced person that has knowledge about the furniture.

Ask him to guide you if there are possibilities to reframe the old furniture in such a way that it can be used for other purposes or maybe even in the same office as well. It will not only save your extra expenditures on buying new furniture but will also protect nature to a great extent.

Give your office furniture to recycling organizations

If you realize that your furniture cannot be used or re-purposed even if you put a professional on the task then the best thing to dispose of this furniture is to give it to a recycling organization.

These organizations will rip apart the different parts of the furniture and will try to create new aspects of the furniture. After a refurbish and paint, your old office furniture will be able to serve some purpose without harming the environment. 

The Bottom Line:

You can choose any of the above-mentioned methods according to your need and suitability but one thing that should be kept in mind that try never to throw your office furniture or any trash outside in landfills or sidewalks because this can affect some of the major aspects of life such as purity, charm, and cleanliness.

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