Tips on selling used office furniture

Selling used office furniture is a common problem for everyone in Singapore as it’s quite a busy place and there are a lot of offices around the city. Everyone wants to get rid of their old office furniture and make some quick money, whether they are moving to a new office, cleaning up the junk furniture from their office, or purchased new furniture for their office.

Most of the people struggle with selling used office furniture as they don’t have proper guidelines and information. Some people fail to find customers and some end up selling their furniture for peanuts, which means they sell their furniture at very low rates than its actual worth.

In this article, we have dropped tips and guidelines from our professionals on selling used office furniture and also a brief guideline on how to sell used office furniture online. We have explained all the steps you should follow to extract the maximum money out of your used office furniture.

Check the condition of your furniture

The first thing you should do is determine the condition of your furniture. It is very important to do because no matter how much you like your furniture, people will never purchase some already worn out junk furniture. Check the lifespan of your furniture whether if it is still useable or not. Also check if the furniture is still in good shape and has any scratches, dents, blemishes, or not. Think of it from the buyer’s point of view, if you are purchasing used office furniture, you will always avoid spending your money on already worn out furniture that will only disappoint you. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the condition of your furniture.

Choose the perfect timing

Timing plays a crucial role in determining the end results of whatever you are doing. The same goes for selling used office furniture. If you will consider the right time, you will be able to extract the best out of it, and if you decide to sell it at the wrong time, it will be a big loss for you.

If you are in desperate need of cash and want to get rid of the old furniture as soon as possible then you can sell it at a lower price. This way you will quickly find a lot of customers and get rid of old furniture in no time.

On the other hand, if you are not in a rush, you can sell it at a higher price. Here you will have to deal with patience and hold on for a while and the right customer will always show up.

Role of seasons

The golden thumb rule for selling anything is to supply in demand. Like any other market, the furniture market also has its own trends that keep changing with seasons and time. Only a rare fraction of people tend to change their office furniture or move to a new location amidst winters, snow, and chilling cold. So there is less chance that you will find the right customer. While summer as compared to winter is more feasible for changing furniture and moving to new locations, so you may find better customers with better offers in summer. Therefore, you are advised to keep all these factors in your mind and play your cards smartly.

Determine the worth of your furniture

Another step before selling used office furniture is to determine the worth of your furniture. There are a few important factors that play a crucial role while determining the price of any furniture and they are as follow:

  • Age of your furniture:

 Just like a brand new car that starts losing its value the moment you get it on the road, furniture pieces also lose their value the moment you get them to your office from the retailer. However, it must be noted that the value of vintage & antique pieces keeps on increasing with time.

  • Condition of your furniture:

As mentioned above, people tend to buy quality furniture. Therefore, the quality of your furniture plays an important role in determining the worth of your furniture.

  • Manufacturing company or brand of your furniture:

If your office furniture was manufactured by any special brand or company, it can boost the price.

  • Significance of your furniture

If your furniture holds any historical, cultural, or religious importance, then it can also impact its value.

How to sell office furniture online?

Selling office furniture online is the most accessible and quick method. Internet is vast and you can easily find a lot of customers on online marketplaces.

Selling used office furniture over the internet is simple, easy, and smooth. If you have no experience with selling stuff online, don’t worry! We have got it all covered for you. Go to any online marketplace like e-bay, and Facebook groups, etc and follow the given steps:

Take clear photos of your office furniture

Pictures always tell a greater story than words. Therefore, thoroughly clean your furniture take clear photos of it from different angles during prime daylight because when you are selling used office furniture online, pictures are a great way to attract a customer’s attention and develop mutual confidence. Moreover, it will also allow the customer to get an idea about the outlook and condition of the furniture.

Describe your office furniture

Collect all the available information about your furniture like its size, dimensions, color, material, age, condition, significance (if any), manufacturer, or brand. Make sure to lay out all the details in an easy manner so the buyer can get the answers to all of his questions and feel confident about making a purchase.

Always be honest

It is a well known fact that honesty has its own reward. When you are selling used office furniture online, you are dealing with strangers and the thing that’ll help you move things forward is mutual confidence. So always be honest while describing your furniture, remember you are selling used office furniture and it is totally normal if your furniture is damaged from somewhere due to excessive use, so if there is any dent, scratch, wear and tear, never hesitate to share photos. It will make the buyer feel confident to make a purchase, as he’ll be sure that he knows what he’s paying for as you are not hiding anything and the furniture is exactly as it is explained.

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