What to do with old dining table

People usually wonder what to do with an old dining table. Well, the general answer to this question is repurposing or upcycling the old dining table. A dining table is not only meant to serve you as an eating place but it can benefit you in many other ways as well. A repurposed dining table looks like it has been given a new life.

You can place your upcycled dining table in any part of your home including the living room, garage, kitchen, outdoor, garden, or can also use it in the dining room but this time for another purpose. You can also consider using a dining table as a desk in your office or workplace.

To reuse your old dining table and save it from being thrown in the garbage, you may need to do some updation, alteration, and refinishing to make it suitable for a new purpose. Keep on reading this article to get some new ideas for repurposing your old dining table and saving extra costs on new furniture.   

Ideas to repurpose old dining table

Although you can use your old dining table for various purposes according to your needs and desires, some of the best, useful, and beneficial ideas are given below:

  • Using in Dining Room
  • Using for Storage or Servings
  • Using for Home Office
  • Using for Library
  • Using for Living Room
  • Using as Hobby Table in Crafting Room
  • Using in Outdoor Environment
  • Using in Garage

Using in Dining Room

One of the first things you can do is to place your dining table near the wall in the dining room or kitchen. Positioning the dining table near the wall will serve you for many purposes such as keeping your utensils, washed dishes, plates, prepared meals, or placing all the prepared dishes to make it look like a buffet menu.

Using for Storage or Servings

Keep some open shelves under your table so that they can be used as storage for your utensils. You can also repurpose your small dining table into a coffee and pastry station that can be used to serve dinner to your guests.

Using for Home Office

People may have to work at home and they require a comfortable chair and desk if necessary. Using your old dining table as your working desk could be a great option. To work on aesthetics and protect the wood, you can include a glass sheet at the top of the table. If your dining table is large in size you should place it at a wide place, this will provide space for two or more people to work.

Using for Library

An old dining table can be used efficiently in a library. Place the dining table in a way that one of its sides touch the wall while it is standing vertically. Now add some bookshelves in the open space of the table. You can also add shelves according to your needs, you can add separate portions for novels, articles, researches, etc.

Using for Living Room

Cut the legs of your table to make them a bit shorter so that you can use them in your living room as a tea serving table. Putting a white coat of paint will add charm to the table and the room as well. If you want to have a coffee-related feeling, you should add a black, chocolate, or grey color to the table. You can also place your table next to the sofa.

Using as Hobby Table in Crafting Room

If you are fond of extra-curricular activities or have some hobbies, using your old dining table in your craft room can be an ideal choice. You can place paint while painting or can also use it as a hobby table for book scrapping, creating or designing jewelry, or any other crafting activities.

Using in Outdoor Environment

The outdoor environment can also be considered while looking for a place to keep your repurposed dining table. One thing that is essential is to apply protective materials to protect the table from moisture, changing weather, moisture, and heat. If you have a lawn in your home, you should place your dining table under a shady area or a tree, this will be a great place to sit in peace while studying and you can also use this table to enjoy lunch with your friends.

Using in Garage

If you think that your old dining table is too weak or old fashioned, it can still serve you in your garage. Placing your table in the garage will provide you with a place to keep auto parts, accessories, tools, and other things that you need while working.  

Using your Old Dining Table as a Kitchen Island

Converting your old dining table into a kitchen island is one of the most recommended and ideal choices when it comes to repurposing or upcycling. Adding a kitchen island will not only provide a place to enjoy your breakfast or coffee in the kitchen but will also increase the working space in your kitchen. You only have to keep a few factors into consideration such as the color, style, space, and features that need to be added to your kitchen island.

While using your repurposed table as a kitchen island, structural change to the table can be made depending upon your functional needs and aesthetics desires. Initiate the process by measuring the length and width of the total area where you are going to position your island. Professionals and experts suggest that there should be a free space of about 3 feet so that residents can walk easily.

Considering your functional and storage needs is recommended. The dining table usually has a large space between its four corners and this place should not be wasted. You can add shelves and cabinets under the dining table using plywood or timber. Adding a storage area will be useful to keep your utensils, plates, dishes, pans, and other accessories that are commonly used in a kitchen.

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