How to sell used mattress in singapore

A mattress is something present in every house. Some people use their mattress for years, while some tend to replace it regularly after some time due to certain reasons. If you are moving to a new house or just bought a new mattress, now it is time to think of the older one. Some people hire mattress disposal services to get rid of their used mattresses, while some tend to recycle them. There’s another way that can help you make some quick cash and that is to sell used mattress.

Our experts have explained all the details in this article on where to sell used mattress in Singapore, so let’s start the article.

Can you sell a used mattress?

The first question that comes into the mind of everyone is whether if you can sell used mattress or not. The simple answer is yes, you can sell used mattress but there are a few factors that you need to consider if you want to make a successful sale. We have explained all the details in this article.

How to sell used mattress in singapore?

For selling used mattress, start with determining the worth of your mattress. It is very important because you just cannot sell used mattress unless you have set a price for it. Here are a few guidelines you should follow to set the best price for your used mattress.

Check the original retail value of your mattress

While selling used mattress, you must keep in your mind that you just cannot sell it at the retail price. No matter how good the condition of your mattress is, no one will purchase it at the retail value. It is because people purchasing used mattress are usually looking for a deal to get a cheaper mattress and if you start selling it at the retail price, no one will come close to it. Therefore, depreciation is must!

If the mattress is in good condition, you can sell it at 70% – 80% of the original retail value but if its condition is even worse, you will have to sell it a quite a lower price.

Generally, the price of a used mattress depends upon factors like age and condition. If the mattress is already worn-out it will sell for peanuts, which means that a very low price. If the mattress is barely used and is in good condition, it will still sell at a lower price than the original retail value.

Compare with similar mattress online

The Internet is a huge market place in Singapore with thousands of people buying and selling their products. Visit some internet market places like e-bay, Singapore Facebook market groups, Craiglist, etc and search for similar mattresses, check their condition and price and compare it with that of yours. This will help you get an idea to set the ideal price for your mattress.

Use price calculators

There are various online calculators available on the internet that you can use to get an estimated price of your mattress. These calculators take certain factors into account like the brand, age, and condition of the mattress. You may not sell your mattress at the exact price but still, you’ll be able to get an idea about the worth of your mattress. Some commonly used calculators include

Set the minimum price

Once you have got an idea about the worth of your mattress, the best thing you could do is to sell it at the minimum possible price you are willing to accept. Why? It is because people looking for used mattresses are always looking for cheaper prices and they will never come close to the overpriced mattress.

Where to sell used mattress

Once you have determined the price of your mattress, the next step is to find a sale venue to sell it. Don’t know where to sell used mattress? No worries! We will explain everything for you.

Sell It to a furniture resale store

A simple Google search will show you all the local furniture stores around your area in Singapore. Get their contact details and call or text them to inquire whether they accept used mattress or not. You can tell them about the details of your mattress like its age, brand, condition, and also send them some pictures as a proof. However, this option is feasible for mattresses that are in good shape yet because furniture resale stores don’t purchase worn-out poor quality mattresses. Moreover, you are likely to get a low price for your mattress because furniture resale stores purchase items at a lower rate and then sell them at a markup to earn profit.

Sell it through a consignment shop

Consignment shops are usually a great way to sell used mattress as you can get a higher price for your mattress. Consignment shops work in this way that they will sell the mattress for you and take a percentage of profit. Therefore, it’s in their best interests to sell your mattress at a higher price as they’ll get more money for it. If your mattress is in good condition, then it is better to sell it through a consignment shop rather than a resale store. You can call any of your nearest consignment store in Singapore and tell them about the age, condition, and brand of your mattress to inquire if they are interested in your mattress or not.

Sell it on online marketplaces

Singapore is a densely populated place and there are a lot of people on the internet. You can visit any of the popular online marketplaces like, Singapore Facebook groups, e-bay, and Craiglist where you can upload the pictures, price and other details of your mattress. You can also add options like free delivery if you’re willing to do so.  If someone’s interested in your mattress, he’ll contact you through your details. This way you’ll be able to sell the mattress directly to the customer and earn more money instead of selling it through shops.

How to make the best deal from your used mattress

If you can learn the art of making the best deal, you will be able to sell your mattress real quick. Here are some tips you should follow:

  1. Take Clear Photos: Always take clear photos of your mattress because pictures will help the buyers to analyze the condition and outlook of the mattress.
  2. Provide every single detail: Make sure to lay out everything in detail for the buyer and try to answer all of their questions. Give all the details like size, shape, dimension, color, age, and condition of your mattress.
  3. Always be Honest: Honesty has its own reward so tell the buyer about all the pros and cons of your mattress. If there is any damage or signs of wear and tear, don’t hide it from the buyer. Tell them all the conditions your mattress has been exposed to. Doing this will make them feel confident and comfortable towards purchasing a mattress from someone they have never met.
  4. Keep the Mattress Clean: No one will purchase a stinky mattress with blood, urine, and food stains all over it. Therefore, thoroughly clean the mattress and make sure that it gives out a fresh odor.

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