How to wrap furniture for disposal

There is no doubt that all of us in Singapore have some furniture present in our house that we want to move or throw out. Sometimes, you purchase new furniture for your home or office and want to get rid of the old one, and sometimes you want to get rid of the junk furniture. Whether it is cracked chairs, beds, a refrigerator making the noise of an aircraft engine, or the old worn-out and bulky sofa, you want to get rid of it all costs. But before moving it or throwing it out, you have to wrap it the proper way. In this article, we will explain how to wrap furniture for disposal. So let’s start. 

Why should i wrap the furniture?

Before we start, it is crucial to clear the question coming to your mind, and that is, Why should I wrap my furniture? Why should I not just move it or dispose of it? Do not worry! We got answers to all of your questions.

Importance of Wrapping the Furniture

Wrapping the furniture solves many of your problems. For example, you are donating your furniture to an organization or moving it to your new house or office. You want to prevent it from damage at all costs! You probably do not want it to get dirty, stained, and damaged either. While you are busy with moving the furniture, you also do not want the drawers to pop out after every second and frustrate you. That is why we recommend you to wrap the furniture before disposal. It will protect your furniture from scratches and damage. And keep the drawers inside so you can comfortably move the items without any complications. 

How to Wrap Furniture (Step by Step Guide)

We have given step by step explanation on how to wrap furniture below:

STEP 1 – plan everything and gather supplies

Wrapping the furniture is not a cakewalk that you can do with duct tape and a few cardboard pieces. It needs immense care and concentration. 

  • Plan everything

 First of all, plan everything and gather the supplies to wrap the furniture. Create a list of all the furniture items you have to wrap out and their size. That will help you buy the required amount of material to wrap out the furniture. 

  • Gather the Supplies for Wrapping

You cannot wrap the furniture with just duct tape and cardboard. If you do so, it will be a miserable experience for you. Using more and more sophisticated supplies will make the whole process convenient for you. So here is what you should get from the market.

1- Plastic wrap 

2- Cardboard sheets

3- Bubble wrap

4- Mattress and Sofa covers

5- Plastic bags (sealable)

STEP 2 – prepare the furniture for wrapping

In the next step, prepare your furniture for wrapping. 

  • Thoroughly Clean Your Furniture

Make sure to clean your furniture thoroughly before wrapping it. Dust and debris particles can scratch your furniture. So removing them is always a great idea.

  • Remove the drawers, knobs, and casters from the furniture.

Remove the drawers from desks and dressers and use them as additional storage to store extra items. That will not only provide you extra storage and also make the furniture lightweight and easy to lift. It will also save you from the frustration of the drawers popping out after every second.

  • Dismantle the Furniture

Dismantling the furniture a day before will solve many of your problems. Seek guidance from the user manual guide and try dismantling every single furniture item that can dismantle conveniently. Remove the legs of tables and chairs, remove the mattress of the bed and dismantle its frames. Dismantling the furniture will save you more space in the truck, prevent the furniture from smashing the walls and edges of the doors, and allow you to move it smoothly. Make sure to save all the screws after dismantling them in a sealable plastic bag to avoid any frustration finding them later.

STEP 3 – wrap the furniture

  • Wrap the doors and drawers

Most of the big furniture pieces have doors and drawers. So take a plastic wrap and place it tightly around the doors and drawers to prevent them from loosening and coming out to frustrate you while you move the furniture.

  • For the delicate furniture

There are some extra sensitive and delicate pieces of furniture in your inventory. Use can use bubble wrap and plastic sheeting to protect them. Covert them completely and pay special attention to the corners. Moreover, add cardboard sheets between the sensitive wooden pieces to provide them extra shielding effect. 

  • For Sofas

To wrap the bulky sofa, use the specially designed sofa covers. Packing blankets or any other old blanket at home will work. After that, plastic wrap it all around to add extra protection.

  • For Mirrors and Other Glass Items

To protect the glass tables and other glass items. Bubble Wrap is ideal. Make sure to draw a cross mark on the glass to prevent it from shattering.

  • Use Sealable Plastic Bags

While you are busy with moving the furniture, there are heavy chances that small objects like the screws, drawers, and other minor items can get lost and become a headache for you. Therefore, we always advise to keep them in a small sealable plastic bag to keep them safe and avoid any inconvenience. 

  • Put Extra Padding on The Corners

Make sure to add extra padding around the corners after removing the arms and legs of the furniture. Doing this will protect them from any scratches and wear & tear in the truck. 

  • For Television

Are you moving television as well? You must take all the measures to protect it from any pressure or wear and tear. Wrap the TV in a blanket and put cardboard pieces and bubble wrap around the screen to protect it. After that, take the plastic stretch wrap and put it all around the TV to add extra support and protection.

After wrapping the furniture like this, carefully load it into the truck. 

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