How to dispose of a sofa bed

Sofa beds are widely used all across Singapore. It’s because of the double benefits they provide to the users. You can use it as a normal sofa in your bedroom, living room, or drawing-room. Moreover, you can also use it as a bed to take rest and sleep at night. Especially the people who live in small flats or apartments tend to use more sofa beds because they have less space.

As sofa beds are used by a lot of people in Singapore, there have been an increasing amount of questions regarding their disposal. People do want to know how they can dispose of their sofa bed. In this article, we will teach you how to dispose of a sofa bed legally & ethically in Singapore.

Don’t go anywhere and dive into the article to learn all those creative ideas & methods about disposing of a sofa bed.

Disposing of a Sofa Bed in Singapore – A Complete Guide  

Here are all the methods that you can use to dispose of a sofa bed in Singapore:

Call Your Local Public Waste Collector

There are different public waste collectors for different areas in Singapore. Find the contact detail of your local public waste collector and call them to inquire whether if they dispose of a sofa bed or not. 

Generally, the public waste collectors do dispose of bulky furniture items like a sofa bed, but at a separate cost. Therefore, whenever you are calling the public waste collector for the disposal of bulky items like a sofa bed then make sure you confirm the price first. It will prevent any inconvenience later on & also give you an idea on whether if you can afford it or not. 

The public waste collectors are licensed by the government of Singapore and they will dispose of the sofa bed legally & ethically according to the given guidelines of the government.

Sell it & Earn Money

If the sofa bed you want to dispose of is in usable condition then you can sell it to someone instead and make money. There are many ways you can sell your sofa bed in Singapore. You can go to any of the popular websites like the cash converters, e-bay, Facebook groups, and second charm, etc.

You can either post the pictures of your sofa bed on the websites and the interested buyers will message you. You can then negotiate the price with them & sell the sofa bed. Moreover, you can also call the companies and they will come to your place, inspect the sofa bed, and purchase it from you.

There are hundreds and thousands of internet users in Singapore and you will find a customer online for sure because the market is just so much big.

Donate the Sofa Bed 

In Singapore, there are a lot of homeless and poor people as well are struggling to make both ends meet. They cannot afford the necessities of life and need our support to survive and live a happy life. A data by the government suggests that there 105,000 poor families in Singapore.

If there’s any such family in your neighborhood that is poor and needs help then you can donate your sofa bed to them. If it’s in perfect shape and usable condition then it’ll be even better for them. However, you can still donate it to them even if it’s not in a good condition. They will repair and reuse it or they will sell it to someone and get some money to support their families.

If you can’t find any such family in your locality then you can also donate it to a nearby charity center. There are a lot of charity centers in Singapore that are working selflessly for the betterment of humanity. They will take the sofa bed from you & make the best use of it to help others.

Donate the Sofa Bed at Pass It On

Pass It On is a project started by the CSCDC (Central Singapore Community Development Council). It is a platform where you can give away the things you don’t need in the future. If your sofa bed can still be used then you can give it away on Pass It On.

The whole process is very easy & simple. You will upload the pictures of your sofa bed on the “Pass it on” platform with complete relevant details and the people who are interested and need that sofa bed will contact you.

 This way you will get rid of that sofa bed as well as help the needy & poor people as well. It will give you feelings of peace and happiness.

Take it to a local Junk Yard

Another thing you can do is to take the sofa bed to a junkyard. If your sofa bed has some recyclable stuff like a metal frame then the junk/scrap dealer will take it from for sure. 

You can also give them a call, tell them about your sofa bed and ask if they can take it from you or not.

Get a Furniture Disposal Service at Your Home

Many people have a busy life schedule and don’t have time for disposing of the sofa bed themselves. They just want to get rid of it anyhow. If you are also one of them then calling a furniture disposal service is the best option for you.

There are many licensed furniture disposal companies in Singapore. You can call them whenever you want and let them know about when & where you need them. They will get to your location and legally dispose of the sofa bed for you according to the guidelines given by the government of Singapore. 

Furniture disposal companies have different rates for disposing of different items, so we recommend that you must take a look at their price rates before proceeding to avoid any inconvenience.


These were some of the best ways to dispose of a sofa bed in Singapore. Here’s a summary of our whole discussion above on how to dispose of a sofa bed:

  1. Call your local public waste collector.
  2. If the sofa bed is in good condition then sell it & make money.
  3. Donate the sofa bed to the poor families or charity center if it is still usable. 
  4. Donate it at the “Pass it on” platform. 
  5. Take it to your local junk/scrap dealer.
  6. Call a furniture disposal service.

You can take a look at all of these methods and then choose the one which is most suitable & best for you.

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