How to identify furniture manufacturer

Whether you have vintage, antique, or classical furniture at home, identifying its manufacturer can be a tough job. Now if you are stressed about how do I identify my furniture maker? Let us tell you that it is not as tough as it seems because we are going to drop some tips and tricks that you can follow to identify your furniture maker.

There are a lot of methods you can use to get to the manufacturer of your furniture and we have mentioned them all here in this article, so what are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the article.

Look for the labels

Labels have been used in the furniture industry since the 19th century. A lot of furniture manufacturers write their details like location, name, date of production, and much more on the labels. Therefore, if you can manage to find a label on your furniture you will easily get to the manufacturer of your furniture. Thoroughly check your furniture from every single direction and you will definitely find a label of the manufacturer on it.

Look for markings

Looking for markings is another way to identify the manufacturer of your furniture. Many manufacturers leave different types of markings on the furniture and some even drop handwritten signatures on the furniture. However, most common markings are in the form of a metallic tag with the manufacturer’s details on it. Sometimes, the tag becomes invisible due to search it carefully.

Identify furniture stamps

You can also find the manufacturer by furniture stamp identification or furniture identification numbers. Look for furniture stamps that are usually inside the drawers, under the arms of the chair, or beneath the furniture. Stamps include the name of the manufacturer or identification numbers that can help you find the maker of the furniture. If you don’t know what to do with the number written on the furniture, let us tell you that if there are four-digit numbers then it might be the production date code YYWW ( Y= Year & W=Week).

However, if the digits are different then it might be the identification number of the furniture. You can use this code to find the manufacturer of your furniture, simply call different companies in your area to ask if this serial number belongs to them or not. You can also upload pictures of the serial number on the internet, or ask your relatives, friends, and local antique dealer to see if someone can identify its manufacturer or not.

Ask antique dealers

As antique furniture dealers have vast experience with dealing with old furniture items, so they probably have a lot of knowledge about different types of furniture, their age, and most importantly the manufacturers. There are a lot of antique dealers in Singapore so just go visit them, tell them about your furniture, show them some photos of it, and they will tell you about the manufacturer of your furniture.

Use the internet

The Internet is a deep ocean of knowledge. You can not only access an endless world of knowledge but also interact with millions of people through different social media platforms like Facebook groups, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Moreover, there are some other platforms like Quora and Reddit where someone asks their questions and people try to answer them. You can also post any pictures of your furniture on any of these platforms and ask if anyone knows about the manufacturer or not. You will surely find someone with the answer because there are billions of people on the internet. Yo

Ask friends and relatives

If you own a particular piece of furniture then probably there would be some other people too who own the exact same furniture. So ask your friends and relatives whether if they know about the manufacturer of your furniture or not. You will get the answer from them if they know about it otherwise they can ask other people in their circle of influence and you will find the manufacturer of your furniture.

Research company archives

If you have tried a lot of methods to find the manufacturer of your furniture but so far nothing has worked for you then it is time for some research. Your furniture was once in the line of production so its data will be surely present somewhere in the archives of the manufacturing company. So try searching for your furniture in the archives of different leading furniture manufacturing shops and companies in your area. You can do it by visiting their websites, magazines, and even try contacting them to inquire whether they are the manufacturer of your furniture or not.

Use informative resources

There are tons of informative resources around you that can help you get a clue about the manufacturer of your furniture. Try reading some furniture related books, magazines, journals, and articles and you may find a clue about the maker of your furniture because there is a whole lot of information contained in the resources mentioned above. So give it a try and hopefully, it will not go in vain.

Locate old company catalogues

Once your furniture was produced, it was probably in the catalog of a company. So try searching your furniture item in the old catalog of the leading furniture manufacturers of Singapore. This way you will be able to trace the manufacturer of your furniture.

Use furniture identification guides of the auction houses

This is the smartest hack you can use to identify the maker of your furniture. There are many auction houses all across Singapore where furniture items are auctioned. Many of these auction houses have a furniture identification guide for the ease of the buyers. Such guides contain a lot of data is collected from various authentic resources. You can easily find out the manufacturer of your furniture using such identification guides.  

Trace the manufacturer by identifying the age

If you know the age of your furniture then chances are that you can also identify the manufacturer of your furniture. So check the age of your furniture and try to find out the most common and leading manufacturers of that time. This method may not get you to the exact manufacturer of your furniture but you can combine it with all the other factors mentioned above to get a clue about the manufacturer of your furniture.

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