How to get rid of cigarette smell from used furniture

Furniture is one of the hardest things to remove smoke smell from when you are buying secondhand. If it is dirty, it smells funny. The furniture material could be anything from a tabletop to drawer fronts and the cigarette smell is very unpleasant, it lingers inside the furniture long after the last cigarette was burnt. But it is not scary as you may think, your furniture can smell just as dreamy if you follow some simple tips. This article hopes to get you to the way out of that bad odor.

1. Start off with a surface clean

Those who smoke cigarettes in their houses have cigarette residue on everything. If the furniture has been in storage then the mold, dust and all kinds of such things have remained on it. Think about the furniture almost like a fabric because it is like a hard sponge. It soaks in all those bad smells and the entire environment it has been around.

In order to get smoke smell out of furniture, start off cleaning your used furniture and get the entire residue off of it. You must give it a good surface cleaning because it requires a long way to get smoke smell out of furniture.Whilecleaning the used furniture make sure to use a mild cleaner, a good sponge or buy a micro fiber cloth.

2. Use peroxide

To remove the smoke smell from furniture, peroxide is a great thing to use because it breaks down the odor molecules of cigarettes more quickly. For the initial cleaning mist the peroxide on the surface and wipe it all down. Avoid flooding it on the surface. It can also be used with the combination of baking soda and pour or spray the mixture over the furniture surface. The solution must be allowed to set for at least 24 hours.

3. Let it air out

Air flow is one of the most effective things you can do so that it is possible to get cigarette smell out of furniture. Of course it is a time taking technique therefore you have got to be patient if something is valuable to you. In order to do this, set up the used furniture in a garage. This can speed up the drying time.

4. Pick up natural freshener mist

After trying the course of letting cigarette smell air out, if you have still got a smell issue then grab mist made of natural ingredients that will give natural fragrance to your furniture. Spray it on the used furniture again and if required you can apply this technique a few times. Remember to spray the mist on a surface, don’t soak it down. After that let it sit and dry completely. You can also have an essential oil such as eucalyptus.

5. Bi carb

Bi carb also works effectively in removing the smoke smell out of furniture. If you cover the surface in bi carb and allow it to remain for a week if possible it takes the cigarette smell out of used furniture. Get a bunch of banking soda and pour it all over every square inch at the bottom of the furniture.

Leave it on overnight or let it sit on the furniture the whole day based on the stiffness of smell. Once it has been sat, you can just sweep off the majority of bi carb. This technique can also be applied a few times until the smell is completely gone.

6. Sweep vinegar

Vinegar possesses the tendency of absorbing sharp smells. To get smoke smell out of furniture you need to spread the vinegar and water on your used furniture. Leave it out in the sun for almost all day. After drying the smell gets vanishes because the vinegar will absorb the ample smell of cigarette smoke.

If you are afraid of the residue of vinegar smell, don’t panic because it will go off once the vinegar is removed from the material. You can replicate this process as many times as you need.

7. Use an air puririer

In addition to cleaning your furniture it is also essential to filter and freshen the air around. Air purifier pulls bad air from the room where you have placed furniture through filters to remove harmful particles, bacteria and odors. Once the air is clean, it is pumped back into the room. For the best odor control, try to find a purifier that has an activated charcoal or carbon filter.

The filter is the most effective way for an air purifier to remove odors from the air and it makes a noticeable difference in the room’s air quality. It is important to remember the more charcoal or carbon in the filter the better it will be at removing smell.

8. Mask the smell

This recommends that you can use anything with a strong smell to cover up the cigarette smell. This includes scented candles, essential oil diffusers, plug-in air fresheners or spray air fresheners. If you have tried all the above techniques and still not able to remove the cigarette smell completely then opt for the scented product for best results. Remember that the smell will go away when you are going to disinfect everything and knock out that smell.

Ultimately, one or the other techniques from the above will work for getting smoke smell out of furniture if applied properly. But it would be much better to buy new furniture that is budget friendly instead of having this headache because it is so much stressful to remove smoke smell from furniture and you also have to take care of your hands while using the harmful chemicals and sprays.

When someone smokes, there is a tar that comes from the cigarettes and it comes out in a fine smoke and it settles in carpets, fabric, furniture, walls and every flat surface. Hence it is better to walk away from used furniture as it can be bad for your health. Moreover after fixing the damages of used furniture, it must be presentable to others to give a look of new furniture.

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