Do i have to tip junk haulers

You look at the old refrigerator making the noise of a fighter jet every day you come back home from the office extremely tired and frustrated. You imagine how you will be able to take it from the 8th floor down to the ground floor. But then you suddenly realize that is not the end! There is a lot more! There is a cracked bed lying in your room, an old worn-out bulky sofa, a useless trampoline occupying all the space of your garage, and those junk chairs. All of the stuff accumulates gradually, and getting rid of it is becomes a nightmare for you. 

One day you get an idea of calling the Junk Removal Company and hire their services. You are hesitating a lot on whether I made the right decision or not. Finally, the time passes, and the removal day arrives! You are still nervous about whether the moving team will be able to remove all the junk safely and smoothly or not. The junk removal team shows up at your doorstep at the exact time and gets to work the next moment. 

While you are enjoying your coffee, they are already done with that loud and noisy refrigerator. And after a few hours, they have cleared your house from all the junk, and you are just shocked and surprised. Now you are thinking, what is next? Should I let these guys go or tip them? Why should I tip them? Even if I tip them, how much should I tip them? Everyone experiences these thoughts in their mind and often got stuck. But not anymore! Whether if you should tip the junk movers or not? And how much should you tip them? We have answered all of your questions in this article. So let’s dive into it.

Should you tip junk haulers?

Tipping the junk haulers is not something abnormal. It is exactly like tipping any other service like a waiter in the restaurant. You should be tipping the junk haulers! Why? It is because they solved your problems smoothly and swiftly like a catalyst. They made something possible that seemed impossible to you. Think of yourself! How would you lift that refrigerator alone and take it to the ground floor? How would you remove that bed or trampoline yourself? The splendid junk-free house you are enjoying right now is due to the strenuous efforts of the junk haulers. They efficiently freed up your house from the junk without damaging any of your doors, walls, and the furniture itself. Instead of coming late and making lame excuses, they reached your home at the exact time. No matter how heavy that refrigerator was, they used all of their energy and power to lift it. Junk haulers perform the riskiest task with immense care and concentration. Most of the other services are of less risk, and even if something goes wrong, you can still move on. For example, you move on with a short hair cut. But in the case of a mistake by a junk hauler, those holes and scratches on the walls will haunt you forever. 

Therefore, they deserve a tip for all the effort and hard work they have put in.

How much to tip junk removal 

Now when you have made up the mind to tip the junk haulers, the next question that arises in your mind is that, how much should you tip the junk haulers? Well, you should tip them according to the services they provided to you and the amount of struggle and effort they have put in. It can depend on the following factors:

1- How long did they work?

Calculate the time they worked for and tip them accordingly. If they worked 3 to 5 hours, give them a 20% tip, but if they worked for straight 8 to 12 hours, you should tip them somewhere between 60 to 80 percent.

2– Weather Situation

You should be generous towards them if the junk moving team came to help you even in extreme weather conditions like snow, rain, or thunderstorm and give them the tip they deserve.

3- Is there an elevator?

If there was no elevator available and the junk movers had to use the stairs to move the junk from the top floor to the ground floor, then you should reward them by giving the well-deserved tip.

4- Are the items heavy or lightweight?

If the junk haulers had to lift heavy weight objects throughout those hours, then you should tip them.

5- Are the items accessible?

If the junk items were not accessible but the junk moving team made it possible through their hard work, then they deserve a tip. Sometimes, the junk items are infested, to the extent that no one wants to come close to them. So in such a case, the junk haulers deserve a tip.

6– Did they use some extra tools & equipment?

 You must tip the team for their hard work if your furniture was not worth moving without the use of some special tools & equipment then you must tip the team for their hard work.

How to tip them?

Are you struggling with how to tip the junk removal? Here is a small tip for you, handling all the cash and evenly distributing it to each individual on the team is quite odd, and time-consuming. Simply give them the cash and tell the team leader about the way you would like your tip to be delivered, and he will do the job for you. 

The tip does not mean you only have to give some cash

If you are being uncomfortable with using the cash as a tip, do not worry! It does not always have to be money. There are many other ways to tip the junk movers. Have you cooked something delicious at home today? Why not offer them some lunch or dinner? Or, you love Pizza or Burgers? If yes, why not gift them to the movers as well? Junk Movers are always on the go and exerting a lot of physical effort throughout the day. Therefore, if you can buy them some food, it will keep them energized throughout the day and save them some money too. 

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