Are furniture warranties worth it?

A warranty is more or less an assurance from a manufacturer that they will take responsibility for any damages on goods bought from them, provided that such damage happened within the stipulated time frame. The essence of a warranty is to help manufacturers convince their customers to build trust in their brand, and almost every product comes with a warranty, whether it be a car, electronics, or furniture.

Sadly, unlike electronics or car warranties, furniture warranties only cover defects and not performance. Many homeowners find this discomforting and would often wonder, “are furniture warranties worth it?” The information provided herein in this article about furniture warranty will help you make an informed decision about their worthiness. Read on! 

Is a furniture warranty worth it

Yes, a furniture warranty is worth it. Manufacturers know that most homeowners want to buy a product they can use for a long time without having to worry about replacement or repair, and as a result, they put a warranty on each of their products as a show of confidence in the quality of their product. Seeing the warranty policy of a product will boost your confidence in that product which may influence you to buy them. However, determining if the warranty will be worth it or not will depend on the integrity of the brand. If a company puts a false warranty on their product, then such a company will risk losing you as their customer. Therefore, in that case, a warranty might be worth it. 

Should I get a warranty on my furniture? 

Yes, it would help if you got a warranty on your furniture. Ideally, your furniture should come with a warranty. But in case the manufacturer does not have any insurance policy in place for your furniture, you can get one provided they create a chance for such an option, and it is free. 

Are furniture extended warranties worth it? 

No, furniture extended warranties are not worth it. The first thing you have to know about extended furniture warranties is that they come with an extra fee. Secondly, these warranties are usually offered by third-party (financial) companies with no affiliation with the manufacturers of your furniture. And therefore, most of the time, these contracts often invalidate the original warranty provided by the manufacturers, and there will not be any form of compensation whatsoever in case of damage when these third-party companies go out of business. So investment in the extended warranty is something that needs to be thought through over and over again. 

Are sofa warranties worth it? 

Yes, sofa warranties are worth it. Generally, sofas are usually expensive, and consequently, getting a warranty that you will use them for a long time will serve as an assurance that you are getting the worth of your investment on them. Without a warranty, you could be paying more than what the sofa is actually worth. Same for every of your other furniture pieces. 

Who has the best furniture warranty? 

The furniture company with the best warranty is Craftsman furniture. This company offers their customer a lifetime warranty on their furniture, whereas; most others only provide limited warranty offers, which can only last for a year. 

To help you narrow down the least of companies with the best warranty, I have come up with a list of features to look out for when determining if the manufacturer is offering a good warranty deal. 

  1. The company should provide a lifetime warranty. 
  2. The warranty must cover all furniture items in your carts. Some items that are usually considered for warranties include Dresser and vanities, desks and chairs, sofas and sectionals, beds and headboards, shelves, cabinets, and doors. 
  3. The warranty must cover a complete product coverage. That is, every part of the furniture must be covered by the warranty, and if not, exclusions must be clearly stated to avoid confusion. 

What does a furniture warranty cover? 

Essentially, what a furniture warranty covers is any defect from the manufacturer. Furniture warranties are provided by manufacturers majorly to correct any form of imperfection or mistake that may have occurred to your product right from the factory. This imperfection may appear in the form of scratches, saggy fabrics, inconsistence stitching, loose strings, or broken woods. 

Are couch warranties worth it? 

Yes, couch warranties are worth it. Investment in couches can be exorbitant, and that is why when making a purchase decision, one must take into cognizance a company that offers a warranty on their products because these companies ate telling you that their product is of good quality. Warranty on the couch often covers some parts like reclining mechanism, wooden frame, sleeper mechanism, and spring system. 

Is furniture protection worth it? 

Yes and no because there are lots of factors to consider before determining whether or not furniture protection is for you or even with it. Unlike a warranty which only covers defects from the manufacturers, furniture protection cover damages that may occur as a result of a house old accident that may be caused by a spill or pet urine. Hence, the reason why the factors below are worth considering. 

  1. If you have a pet 

If you are a lover of pet, especially a cat, scratches is something that you will often see on your furniture. You may be wondering how, well, it is because your little feline enjoys scratching a lot, and your furniture is one of their favorite surfaces to scratch. To limit the cost of these damages, you can get a furniture protection plan. Note that your pets can also cause permanent stains on your couches with their urine. 

  • If you have an expensive furniture

Investment in furniture sometimes can be expensive, and that is why such furniture needs to be protected against damages. Just imagine spending $8000 on furniture and in no time because of an accident, you have to replace them. That doesn’t sound good, right? Well, that is why if your couch or table is expensive, you need furniture protection to protect you against damages. 

  • If you have children 

Yeah, I know your kids are well-behaved and wouldn’t turn your living room into a playing ground, but one thing you need to know is that kids will always be kids. They may get in their zone sometimes and turn your furniture into a trampoline and start to jump over them or throw food at each other, which may cause permanent stains or damage to the furniture. If your children are fond of doing this, a good way to prevent damage is by getting furniture protection. This will ensure that the ensuing damages are fixed at no cost. 

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