Can used furniture bring bad luck?

No matter how much we love our furniture, at some point, we will have to face the reality of parting with them because they are just too old, and we feel the need to switch to the latest design. During this period, one of the greatest challenges encountered by homeowners is deciding on the way to get the best out of their old furniture. They usually have a problem deciding between selling or reupholstering them.

If they finally settle to put them up for sales, they may have to face a further challenge of trying to erase the myth that old furniture brings bad luck off the minds of their would-be buyer if they actually want to make a sale. But is this actually a myth? “Can used furniture bring bad luck?” You will find out about this mystery in this article. Keep reading for details.

Will used furniture bring bad luck? 

Yes and no, depending on the circumstances. If you keep vintage or antique furniture, it may be in your best interest to try and trace their history or source because, depending on the situation, this item may come with either bad or good luck.

For instance, if the furniture is passed down from a friend or a loved one, then there’s a possibility that the furniture has good energy. But if the reverse is the case, I.e., you can’t trace the source of the furniture, then it might come with negative energy. Note that this explanation may not entirely conform with your beliefs or what your present situation is; it is only meant to let you know that it is possible.

What are the things that bring bad luck to the house? 

Broken appliances 

Sometimes, it may be rewarding to pay attention to every little change or thing that happens around the house. According to Kim Julen, a renowned Feng Chui coach, he said, anything that is broken may bring negative energy into our lives. This means if it is your air conditioner that suddenly stops working, or it is your wall clock that stops ticking, you should have them fixed immediately because this may translate to a lack of progression.

Dried flowers

According to Darla deMorrow, having lots of dried flowers around the house will lead to stuck energy. That is, the energy from the past will be trapped in the current space. This means that if you are selling an old house, you will be creating negative energy if the house has loads of dried flowers laying around everywhere. Therefore, anytime you are trying to sell off a house, always try as much as possible to create positive energy by removing all those dried flowers to prevent the transfer of bad energy.

Broken glass

Broken glass or mirror, whether it is used in design for your picture frame or your table or counter, is considered a bad omen and calls for immediate replacement. According to a Feng Shui expert, a broken picture frame may symbolize many, a betrayer or disenchantment, and a cracked mirror may translate to low self-esteem.


You may make a bountiful kill in your last hunting expedition, but hanging your kill on the wall may not entirely be a good idea. According to the Feng Shui tradition, mounting death on the wall can bring a lot of bad energy into your home. I know that may be your way of showcasing your bravery to your guests, but you might also be driving bad luck to yourself by doing so.

Customized welcome mat 

Are you also one of those people fond of writing their family name on their doormat? Well, if you have been doing so, it’s high time you shunned the act because that may be the only reason why you have been experiencing a lot of bad luck lately. Having visitors match on your family’s name is not a good idea, and therefore I would advise you to change that mat into a plain one instead. Doing so could bring lots of positive energy into your house.

Can clothes bring bad luck? 

Yes, cloth can bring bad luck, but whether this is possible or not depends on how you feel whenever you put on a particular cloth. If you feel unease after putting on a cloth, that is an indication of negative energy, and therefore, you should take off that cloth because it may bring bad luck for that day. A good feeling after putting on cloth may be a signal of good luck.

Can old furniture bring bad luck? 

Yes, old furniture can bring about bad luck. Old items in general, whether it be old cloth, houses, paint, or furniture, can contain bad energy from their original owner, and if care is not taken, this bad energy can be passed on to you. And when this happens, you may start to notice strange things happening to you anytime you are using that item.

Can you get scabies from used furniture? 

Yes, you can get scabies from used furniture. Although typically, scabies is spread through direct prolonged skin-skin contact with the infected person. However, if the owner of the used furniture had Norwegian scabies, then there’s a possibility that the furniture might be infected too. Hence, you can get infected from using the furniture.

Should I keep old furniture? 

Yes, it would be best if you kept your old furniture. Are you planning on relocating and contemplating whether or not you will need your old furniture in your new house? Well, if the furniture is still in good condition and will suit the interior design of your new home, you can definitely keep them.

If you are concerned about the possibility of the old furniture retaining some bad energy from its original user, then you can dispose of it or sell it off if you are feeling uncomfortable keeping them.

What can I do with used furniture? 

  1. You can donate them
  2. Reupholster them.
  3. Upcycled your old furniture
  4. If they are in good condition, sell them off
  5. Trade them for a new one to take advantage of the discount.
  6. Use them for another purpose. For example, you can transform your old door into a headboard for your bed.

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