Can we legally leave our furniture when we move out

Is leaving furniture in apartment after moving out legally allowed in Singapore?

If you have no idea what you should do with your unwanted furniture pieces, it can be too tempting to just leave them in your old apartment when you move out. Many of you are probably guilty of this. Now, while there are no definitive rules about leaving furniture upon moving out, it is still best to discuss it with your landlord to avoid any repercussions.

Remember that illegal dumping is considered as a serious offence in Singapore that often comes with heavy fines or you might even end up in jail. Of course, these are the last things you would want to happen, especially when you are ready to start a new life in a new home.

To ensure that you won’t face any legal issues during your move, there are several things you can do to get rid of your old and unwanted furniture pieces. The following are some of the best places to help you donate, sell, or simply get rid of your bulky furniture and other items that you might no longer need or want once you move out.

Get the Help of Junk to Clear

can you leave furniture when you sell a house

If your previous apartment is filled with all sorts of clutter that you cannot donate or sell, you shouldn’t waste any minute. The best step you can take is to contact Junk to Clear, a bulky waste removal and waste management company that will deal with your disposal needs no matter how last minute it might be. The company also deals with a plethora of perennial home problems such as hoarding problems, termite-infested furniture, junk strewn outside the apartment, and more.

Contact a Licensed Waste Collector or Your Town Council

If you are staying in a public housing, the town council in your area may provide disposal for free for up to three bulky items a month although it doesn’t include built-in pieces or those that must be dismantled.

As for condo owners, make sure to check with the management or refer to the list of general waste collectors that might be able to do it for a certain fee.

Sell Your Old Furniture to Cash Converters

Did you know that you can also get instant money upon getting rid of unwanted home furniture pieces? Yes, you can sell them to Cash Converters that you can find anywhere in the country. Of course, if you have some difficult to carry items like music equipment, desktop computers, home theater systems, and the like, requesting for a housecall is also possible.

The only thing you have to do here is to fill up the housecall request form that you can find on their site. They will then contact you about their pick-up timings and prices. You can also refer to their site to know about the range of items that they accept and don’t accept. 

Sell Off Your Unwanted Pieces to Hock Siong & Co

Hock Siong & Co is a family-owned business that has an eye for treasure. Their specialization is restoration of classic and old Chinese-style homeware and furniture such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, sideboards, crockery, and vases. Be sure to give them a call if you got some traditional items that are still in good condition.

They might request you to provide a photo of the items first to assess them before arranging for collection and paying for your offerings. Hock Siong & Co likes to purchase in bulk that makes it the best service if you want to move house.

Seek the Help of Second Charm

Second Charm’s team gives the unwanted retro furniture pieces a breath of life through transforming then selling them afterwards. They are quite selective when it comes to what they accept because they only take those pieces that have vintage value with a potential of being remade into stylish furniture pieces that make the mark. The faded coffee tables, armchairs, timber cabinets, and study desks are cleaned, fixed, and given a new upholstery or coat of paint. They will then pay for your pieces based on their condition.

Donate Them New2U Thrift Shop

This thrift shop is being run by the volunteers at SCWO or Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. They accept utensils, bags, toys, books, and clothes that are also sold there. All the proceeds go to Star Shelter that serves as the temporary refuge for children and women who are victims of violence and to other initiatives of the SCWO. When donating, make sure that your giveaway bags are labeled with “Donation for New2U” before dropping them off at their thrift shop.

Pass It On is a Good Option for Donation

The Central Singapore Community Development Council started Pass It On and The Helping Hand, a welfare organization, is in charge of its management. The site basically matches the items that people like to donate to the specific wish lists of people in need.

Pass It On works simply. All you have to do is post a photo of the item that you like to give away on their website complete with a short description. It is important that the item you post still works and useful at the same time. You should then wait for your donation to be accepted by someone.

Social workers coming from 285 voluntary welfare organizations take part in this initiative. They also post requests for the specific items needed by those families under their charge. Since they don’t have a space for storage, your item will go straight to the needy. You could opt to have the piece delivered to them or you can also pay a certain fee to have it picked up from your apartment.

Keep It Simple with Sgfreecycle

The keyword here is free. Post the stuff you wish to give away on the website’s chat box and it will be a done deal once someone happens to be searching for your donation. Many receivers and givers liaise through their Facebook page where it is possible to upload pictures of your item. Don’t just leave your furniture when moving out. Choose from any of the options above to stay on the safe side of the law!

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