Can you buy furniture from a staging company

Today, furniture is the need of every home and every family living in Singapore. We need furniture for multiple purposes in our daily lives. Furniture helps us fulfill our needs and makes our lives comfortable. People in Singapore often see beautiful furniture items belonging to a staging company and ask whether if they can buy them or not.

Do staging companies sell their furniture? If yes, then how can you buy furniture from a staging company in Singapore?

Everyone needs answers to these questions, and we are here to answer them in complete detail for you. Let’s get straight into it without any delay.

How do the furniture staging companies work?

Selling a house in Singapore isn’t an easy job. You can’t just put a “For Sale” board outside your home and expect that you’ll find hundreds of interested buyers within a day, and your house will be sold immediately. No, that isn’t how things work.You need to put in some extra effort as well.

This is where furniture staging companies come into the scene.

People often hire furniture staging companies because they bring beautiful furniture items to decorate your home and make it look presentable. This way, the interested buyers get more impressed as they get an idea of how their house will exactly look like. So, it helps to sell the house more quickly.

Furniture staging companies either rent furniture items from different furniture stores or own those furniture items themselves.

Is it possible to buy furniture items from a staging company?

When it comes to whether if it’s possible to buy furniture from a staging company, then the answer may vary from company to company.

Some staging companies may sell you their furniture while some won’t. If a staging company owns all of their furniture, then there are chances that they’ll sell it to you after some negotiations. However, some staging companies often rent furniture from different furniture stores, and thus, they’ll not sell it to you because they don’t own that furniture.

Therefore, it depends on whether if a staging company owns that furniture or not and if they are willing to sell it to you.

How to buy furniture from a staging company?

How to buy furniture from a staging company

Furniture staging companies often want to remove certain furniture items from their inventory,so they need to sell them for that. If you’re active and aware, then you can surely get a quality furniture item at a good price.

Now you are probably wondering how you can find out if a certain staging company sells their furniture and how you can buy that furniture from the staging company. Here’s a very helpful guide that will solve everything for you:

1. Visit the staged homes for sale

As we were telling you above that furniture staging companies usually work for decorating and staging homes for sale with beautiful furniture items. It makes the house look perfect and helps find potential buyers quickly.

You can go to any of such houses for sale in Singapore that got staged furniture items. Go there and take a look at the furniture present there. If you like that furniture and are interested to purchase it then you can try finding out the exact company that has staged the furniture in that house. Get their contact details, call them or meet any of their representatives and tell them that you want to purchase some furniture from them.

 Then you can negotiate the deal with the furniture staging company and purchase the furniture from them.

The best thing is that since the furniture is already is staged in the house, so you will get a better idea of how that particular furniture item will look in your house as well.

2. Keep eye on their social media accounts

Today, it’s the era of social media, the internet, and technology. Most businesses including furniture staging companies have a proper online presence on different social media platforms.

You can follow the relevant furniture staging companies of Singapore on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. The reason is that furniture staging companies often post different updates about their furniture that can be very helpful for you. You can get to know about which furniture item the company is planning to sell? when they’re going to sell it? what’s the price? how much discount is there?and how can you buy it?

Therefore, you will get a lot of relevant information that will help you catch the best deal and buy furniture from a staging company.

3. Start calling furniture staging companies

If you have tried a lot of methods and nothing seems to work for you then you can try calling different furniture staging companies.

You can get the contact details of a furniture staging company through their social media accounts or advertisements. Call them and ask if they got any furniture items to sell or not. If there is one then you can check it out and then negotiate the final price with them.

It is one of the effective methods that can help you buy furniture from a staging company easily.

Is it worth buying staging furniture?

At this moment, there might be another question coming up in your mind that is it worth buying staging furniture? Is staging furniture good in quality?

Well, buying staged furniture can be very useful as you can get some quality furniture at a reasonable price.

However, you need to be extremely careful while purchasing furniture from a staging company. Here a few things you must be aware of:

1. Look for any damage

Since staging furniture is used in a lot of homes, there are chances that it might be damaged while moving here and there.

Look for any signs of damages and wear and tear that makes the furniture look bad. If there’s none then it means that the furniture is in good condition.

2. Check the condition of furniture

As staging furniture is often in used condition, therefore, it may not look as fresh and shiny as brand-new furniture items.

We recommend you properly check the condition of the furniture to ensure if it’s in the right condition and fulfills your requirements.

Can i rent my furniture for staging?

If you are wondering whether if you can also rent your furniture for staging and earn some money?

Yes, it is possible. If you have some extra furniture that is in good shape and condition then you can surely rent it out to make some side income.

You can either ask any furniture staging company to add your furniture to their inventory and rent it out or you can individually start renting your furniture to people for staging.


If you’re looking to purchase furniture from a staging company then you can follow all those guidelines that we have provided in this article to find the best possible deal. You will surely find many staging companies in Singapore that might be interested in selling their furniture to you. Therefore, we highly recommend you try out all our guidelines and find the best furniture to purchase from a staging company in Singapore.

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