Do antique stores buy furniture

Are planning to sell furniture to an antique store but don’t know if they will accept it or not?

In this article, we are going to discuss: do antique stores buy furniture?

We will show you what type of furniture antique stores buy, why they buy, and how you can sell furniture to antique stores.

Will antique stores buy furniture items?

Yes, generally most antique stores buy furniture items from people.

But at the same time, some antique stores do not buy furniture.

It depends upon the following factors:

1. The policy of antique stores

Most antique stores have clear policies about buying furniture.

Some antique stores are flexible. They not only purchase furniture from their main supplier, but they also buy new/used furniture items from private sellers like you and me.

However, some antique stores only buy furniture from their main suppliers and manufacturers. They do not accept new/used furniture from private sellers.

Therefore, you’ll have to reach out to your local antique stores and inquire them about this.

2. Type of furniture

Antique stores also have policies regarding which furniture items to buy and which furniture items to ignore.

Some antique stores might only be interested in buying antique furniture items.

But, you’ll also find antique stores that are interested in buying any kind of furniture item.

So, you’ll have to find one which helps you make the best deal.

3. Condition of furniture

The condition of your furniture item plays a key role in this scenario.

If your furniture is in good condition and valuable, then you’ll easily secure a great deal at an antique store. It’s because the store owners will have to spend less on repairs and refurbishments. This will save a lot of their money and make them a good profit. Hence, every store owner would love to purchase such furniture items.

On the other side, if the furniture item you are selling is in poor condition and unusable, then it will be difficult for any antique store to buy it. The reason is that the store owners will have to spend more money on repairing and refurbishing the item. This will reduce their profit margin and make them less money. Therefore, you will attract few buyers in the market for this very specific reason.

Why do antique stores buy furniture?

Antique stores buy furniture from private sellers because they resell it for a profit and make money from it.

Whenever a private seller brings a furniture item to sell, the antique store owners inspect the item thoroughly. They check all its history, condition, general information, possible price value in the current market, and how much money they can make from it.

After evaluating all these factors, they buy the furniture item only if they think it’ll be profitable for them.

After that, they refurbish that furniture item and perform a lot of modifications to make it look attractive. Then they place it on sale at a higher price and earn a profit.

This is all about business and earning as much money as possible.

What type of furniture do antique stores buy?

Antique stores mostly purchase antique furniture items that are valuable and still present in a usable condition.

For example, if you have an antique furniture item that holds any significance from a religious, historical, or cultural point of view. They’ll be very interested in buying that from you.

The store owners purchase those items and then resell them at a higher profit margin. Some antique stores are also interested buying in every kind of furniture be it antique or regular.

How to sell furniture to antique stores?

Here’s everything you need to do for selling furniture to an antique store:

1. Know about your furniture

You need to do some research and gather basic information about your furniture.

Search the brand name, designer, and unit number of the furniture. Collect as much info as possible.

The buyers will potentially ask you a lot of questions about the furniture and this info will come in handy. That’s how you can increase your chances of striking a deal.

2. Determine the value of the furniture item

Before you start the selling process, you need to do some research and find the market value of the furniture yourself.

This will enable you to negotiate better and secure a good deal. Otherwise, you may end up selling the furniture lower than its actual worth.

Therefore, you are recommended to seek an appraisal of the furniture. There are three ways to do so.  

  • Hire an appraiser

You can hire the services of a professional and get the estimated market price of the furniture. Appraisers can charge you $200 to $400 per hour. So, you should go with this option only if the furniture item is very rare and expensive. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

  • Get online appraisal

There are many online platforms like ValueMyStuff, Sotheby’s, and WorthPoint where you can upload photos of your furniture and get an estimated price from a licensed appraiser.

They charge $10-$20 for each furniture item. This is a more affordable, time-saving, and effective method.

  • Get an appraisal from the auction house

If there’s an auction house in your area, you can seek a free appraisal from there as well. They often host ‘valuation days’ where they offer this service.

3. Contact the antique store

When you have done your homework, it’s time to reach the antique store and start the selling process.

You can ask them to come to your house or you can take the furniture to their store. You can also send them 20-30 photos of the item and make a deal over the internet. Provide them with all the information about the furniture and negotiate the price to finish the deal.

Alternatives of antique stores

If no antique store is buying furniture from you, then here are some alternate options for you:

1. Selling online

You can use the internet to sell the furniture instead of antique stores.

There are dozens of marketplaces like Craiglist, Etsy, eBay, and Facebook groups where you can go. Upload clear pictures of the furniture and write a complete description and price.

The interested buyers will contact you.

2. Try the auction house

You can take your antique furniture to an auction house instead of an antique store.

They will inspect the item and place it for bidding. It will be sold to the highest bidder and you’ll receive some percentage of money.

3. Ask some friends

You can try asking some of your friends and relatives if they want to purchase the furniture from you.

It will save you from a lot of hustle.

4. Go to thrift stores

Thrift stores offer the lowest profit but they sell your item extremely fast.

You can also visit a thrift store instead of an antique store and try selling the furniture there.

5. Donate

Another good option is to donate the furniture to a nonprofit organization and support the good work they are doing. Just Google and you’ll find many of them awaiting your help.

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