Does aarons buy back furniture

Aaron furniture is an American-based company that specializes in the distribution of furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics. What makes Aaron furniture one of the most favored and preferred retail stores for upholsteries is the lease option they offer to their customer, which allows them to pay for furniture without incurring credit.

Since the lease option of Aaron furniture is geared toward easing the purchase burden for their customers, people also wonder, “can you return Aaron’s furniture?” “Can you exchange furniture at Aaron’s?”. I will be addressing these questions in this guide, as well as every other question relating to Aaron’s furniture. Continue reading for details.

What does Aaron’s warranty cover?

Aaron’s warranty will cover all product failure and mechanical breakdowns that may occur to your merchandise provided it is not caused by external factors.

All Aaron products whether electronics, appliances computer or furniture is covered under a 12-year warranty and this includes parts and labor. Also, if your warranty is processed within USA or Canada, it will cover the cost of services.

Can I return furniture to Aarons

Yes, you can return Aarons’s furniture. However, you should know that you can only initiate a return policy within 30 days from the day the item was delivered to you.

Also, Aaron runs a cancellation policy that allows you to cancel your lease before completing your payment. Although this often comes with a caveat, the item must be returned in its original condition. Once a part of the item is broken or damaged, then you will automatically become ineligible to initiate a return policy.

Does Aaron buy used furniture?

No, Aaron doesn’t buy used furniture.  Although sometimes there as cases of customers complaining that Aaron sold used furniture to them instead of a brand new one they requested for. However, that furniture is not used furniture Aaron purchased, rather, they are merchandise returned by customers who had utilized their return or cancellation policy.

Can I return the financed furniture?

Yes, you can return financed furniture. You can return Aaron’s furniture in the middle of the payment if the payment for the furniture is agreed to be spread between months. Although before you can return such an item, you must ensure it is in its original condition. You cannot return a damaged finance product!

Can you exchange furniture at Aaron’s?

Yes, you can exchange furniture at Aaron’s. After you have initiated the return policy, you will receive an email from Aaron confirming that your item has been received. Then notify you whether they will accept or reject your item. Once your request is accepted, you can then decide whether to exchange your item for a new one, credit it to your original payment method or payment card, or receive a check.

What does Aarons do with returned furniture?

Aaron has furniture called preleased furniture. This furniture is furniture that was previously leased to a customer but was returned due to damages, or the customer couldn’t fulfill his purchase obligation. Once the items are returned to Aaron, they make amendments if necessary, then resell or lease them to potential customers.

Does Aaron remove old furniture?

Yes, Aaron can help you to remove old furniture. If you furnish your house with Aaron furniture and you want to move to another place, you can contact Aaron to help you move your property to your new home at no cost. They do it for free!

What happens if you don’t pay Aarons’s rental and you don’t return it?

If you default on your payment without any tangible reason, you will be issued an arrest warrant and charged with maybe theft or failure to return Aaron’s property.

Aarons furniture FAQs

Is Aarons furniture used

No, Aarons’s furniture is not used. Although sometimes Aaron sells out returned leased furniture, they also sell new furniture. In a situation whereby you were sold old furniture and you ordered new ones, just inform them of your disservice and it will be rectified.

Can Aarons’s furniture sue you?

Yes, Aaron’s furniture can sue you. If you default on your monthly or yearly installment payment to Aaron, at first, they will make attempts to contact you directly and if they are unable to, they will contact your references to enquire about your whereabouts. If after several attempts and they are unable to reach you, they get the cop involved and you will be taken to court.

Do you need a credit score for Aaron?

No, you do not need a credit score to enjoy Aaron’s lease policy. You do not need any credit score to become a partner of Aaron. All you need to provide to them are details about your source of income, residence, and 3 references. Although if you are applying online, you may be asked to provide further information. However, no credit score will be needed.

How long will it take for Aaron to begin the repo process?

The repossession of your furniture will begin immediately if you miss our payment schedule. During this time, several attempts will be made to contact you and if all proved abortive, you may be arrested. However, it will take up to 2 weeks for repossessed property to be finally retrieved.

How long will it take for Aaron to process my online order

If you ordered your furniture from Aaron online, it will take about 1 or 5 days before you receive your product.

What will happen if Aaron takes me to court?

Once you default on your scheduled payment agreement and you are taken to court and judged guilty, they may either seize your asset or garnish your income.

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