Does rooms to go buy back furniture

Room to go is a furniture brand that offers a line of low-cost furniture across the Southern states. The company is the 3rd largest distributor of furniture in the united states and they are known for their cheap designer-styled room varieties with matching pieces like the ones from Sofia Vergara and Cindy Crawford, bringing a new innovative phase to the furniture industry.

Although Rooms to go offers an array of customer-friendly services, what people are concerned about is, “will Rooms to go take back furniture?” since most of their negative review has to do with their products being short-lived. I will be addressing this question in this guide while also providing 6 simple steps on “how to return furniture to rooms to go”.  Step no.3 is crucial, continue reading for details.

Who owns room to go furniture?

Rooms to go is owned by Jeffrey & Morty Seaman

Can you return furniture to room to go?

Yes, you can return furniture to the room to go. When you purchased Rooms to go furniture online, and all of a sudden you have a rethink about the item, you can cancel the order and either a for a replacement or ask for a refund. The purchase price will be fully refunded plus taxation. However, this will not include the amount paid for delivery.  Also, you need to know that your refund or cancellation may come at the expense of a price that is equivalent to the original delivery charge.

Can you exchange furniture for rooms to go?

Yes, you can exchange furniture for rooms to go. If your Rooms to go furniture is not delivered as requested, you can exploit optics as a means of compensation. It is either you opt for a refund or you exchange the furniture with another one. Although you may have to pay an additional delivery charge of $49.9 for the new replacement.

Rooms to go exchange policy

Rooms to go have set rules and conditions that guide their exchange and return services. Knowing these rules will put you in the right position to take advantage of these services.

  1. You should know that there are no refund or exchange options for items bought directly from the Rooms to go showroom. Also, you cannot cancel sales after your item has already been delivered.
  2. If your item is delivered via express or Next day delivery, you are not qualified to cancel the order or ask for a refund.
  3. You can only initiate a cancellation if your order has not been delivered. Also note that cancellation or exchange can be done only when, within 48 hours from the time of purchase.
  4. Should you initiate cancellation after 48 hours from the purchase date, only 48% of the purchase price will be refunded.

Can you return a couch to Rooms to go?

Yes, you can return a couch to Rooms to go. Rooms to go cancellation and exchange policy is available for all their products including their coaches. However, you have to abide strictly by the policy put in place for their return option to be initiated.

Rooms to go policy on couches

Rooms to go return policy applies to every one of their products and there’s no policy specially designed for a particular product except for their mattress. For details on Rooms to go general exchange policy, refer to the section where I explained their exchange policy in this article.

How to return furniture to Rooms to go

If you would like to return your Rooms to do furniture, you have limited options to exploit. By options I mean the conduit through which the items can be returned. Below is a list of conduits that can be used and those that you should avoid.

  1. Letter – No
  2. DoNotPay – Yes
  3. Email – No
  4. Letter – No
  5. In person – No
  6. Website – No
  7. Phone – Yes

After figuring out the means of getting the items back to their store, then you can follow the return process below.

  1. Ensure that the items you are about to return are eligible for their re-run policy.
  2. Initiate direct contact with Rooms to go’s customer service during working hours, tell them your sales order number.
  3. Give the reason why you are returning the item. Note that you will be asked several questions at this stage. So be prepared!
  4. Make sure you jot down every single instruction issued by the customer support staff relating to packing and delivery.
  5. Abide by the instruction strictly and ship the item via the nearest UPS service.
  6. Make sure to monitor your item until it is delivered.

Are Rooms to go a good place to buy furniture?

Yes, Rooms to go is a good place to buy furniture. Rooms to go make an array of good quality furniture that their customers can choose from. They even have a production line that is dedicated to children. However, there are negative reviews about their customer service and delivery, so you may have to deal with that.

Do Rooms to go keep furniture in stock?

Yes, Rooms to go keep their furniture in stock. Rooms to go have various stores across the united states and beyond where their products are kept before they are delivered to their customers.

What is the warranty on Rooms to go furniture?

Most of Rooms to go furnitures comes with a one year warranty. However, some of their products don’t come with a warranty. For instance, furniture purchased at clearance centers as well as all accessory and floor sample sold items.

Are Rooms to go furniture real wood?

Yes, and no because while some of their furniture like their tables are made from strong manufactured woods, others are made from Brazilian woods.

How long does Rooms go furniture last?

Unfortunately, there’s no precise information about how long Rooms to go furniture can last. However, you should do away with the rumor that Rooms to go furniture is not durable because their furniture will last for years before it can be due for replacement.

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