Does the salvation army buy used furniture

The Salvation Army is an organization that has been serving people all around the world for more than a century now. It was founded in 1885 having different programs initiated by the universal Central Church. The main aim of the Salvation Army is to help people in various kinds of activities that can bring ease to the common people. The organization is currently working in more than 131 countries all around the world in major sectors including human trafficking, hunger, addiction, poverty, disaster relief, etc.

Picking up used furniture directly from your doorstep is one of their many programs and is quite helpful as well, not just for the people who want to get rid of old furniture but for the people in need.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding this aspect is, does the Salvation Army buy used furniture? Well, they don’t really buy furniture as it is not a business site but a serving entity that takes furniture from you and uses it for people to help others by giving furniture directly to them or giving money after the sale of furniture.

Does the Salvation Army pick up used furniture?

The Salvation Army does pick up used furniture right from your doorstep as they have a full-fledged portion deducted for such kinds of activities.

There are not so many conditions or rules by the Salvation Army in order to pick up used furniture as they just require the future to be in good shape and condition.

Most of your used furniture will directly be taken to their resale stores where it will be sold to anyone willing to buy it.

The money earned from furniture sales will be then utilized in any of their charity works which are shortly mentioned in the previous section. Apart from this, they sometimes don’t sell furniture and keep them in their shelter homes for homeless people.

Does the Salvation Army pick up furniture free?

In a single word, Yes. The Salvation Army is here to serve people in different sectors and if you are supporting them in their good cause, how can they charge you for providing your worthy help.

Will the Salvation Army pick up donated furniture?

It is better to call the Salvation Army representative whose contacts can easily be extracted from their official website to ask them about what kind of furniture they will accept as donation furniture.

They may ask you about the conditions and type of furniture and if it is worthy of being used either in shelter homes or to be sold, they will surely help you to proceed with the process and get your donated furniture picked up.

How to donate furniture to the Salvation Army?

  1. You simply have to open their official website at
  2. There will be a red color button in the top-right corner of their display screen labeled as “Donate”.
  3. Clicking on the “Donate” button will open a drop-down menu asking whether you want to donate money or any other goods.
  4. Simply insert the ZIP code of your area in the “Donate Goods” line, and click GO.
  5. In the next section you will be required to “Add Items” > “Select Date” > and then provide your necessary information which will help them to reach your exact location.

What kind of furniture does the Salvation Army accept?

The thing is that you cannot ask the Salvation Army to pick any furniture as they will only take furniture which can be donated or used for charity. The Salvation Army usually doesn’t accept some goods such as particle-board furniture, high chairs (and related baby items), car seats, metal desks, TV armoire, etc.

All other kinds of furniture except along with other goods such as kitchen items, appliances, clothing, and automobiles are accepted as donations. This is the reason that contacting them is necessary so that you don’t end up wasting your time while costing the Salvation Army their time and pick-up expenses as well.

Does the Salvation Army charge to pick up furniture?

The Salvation Army is not a business, instead, it is a non-profitable organization. All they do with your used furniture is to take them to their store for sale and use the money on charity or directly donate them to needy people.

You will not be charged a single penny as they offer free pickup without any conditions. You may only have to bear expenses if their services are not in your area and you have to take your furniture to their suitable pick-up region.

How much does the Salvation Army charge to pick up furniture?

The Salvation Army does not charge you anything and they offer all of their services without any cost. Do keep this fact in mind that your donation is tax-deductible so it is better to visit for getting some educational tips about your donations, furniture, etc.

You can get an idea by the fact that the Salvation Army is a charity organization that works for people’s advantages and how they can charge you while you are doing the same thing they do.

Does the Salvation Army sell furniture?

You may have heard about thrift stores which are often used to sell used or second-hand furniture or any other goods and the money earned from these sales are directly used for different charitable purposes.

The furniture is not usually listed on websites instead people can buy from their stores. They don’t take a single penny for non-charity purposes however, the salaries of their employees, and other organization expenses may be taken from these earnings. Apart from this, all money is donated to a wide range of charity activities.

You can check out the “Donation Value Guide” of all the donatable products accepted by the Salvation Army to have a rough idea of how much your furniture will help people. As said earlier, some of their furniture is not sold but given to the people in need as well.

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