Does Wayfair deliver to apartments

Wayfair is probably the biggest website when it comes to retailing furniture online. You can get access to a bunch of furniture brands from almost all around the world and Wayfair will bring your desired piece of furniture right to your doorstep.

When brands or retailers claim that they will deliver furniture at your doorstep, they are usually talking about your house which is on ground level. If you have apartments or live on the 2nd floor or maybe above it, getting furniture delivered at that point of the building is extremely difficult.

This is the reason that people usually ask, does Wayfair deliver to apartments? Well, you will surely get all your answers in this short but useful article as it will go through almost all the related aspects regarding Wayfair’s delivery. So, let’s find out.

Does Wayfair deliver?

Wayfair does deliver furniture but the thing is that they usually deliver only in the United States of America during the initial years.

Now Wayfair is offering their delivery services in various other countries as well while their second-biggest market is probably the United Kingdom.

You are simply required to place an order, provide them with all the necessary information related to your address and contact, and they will start the delivery process.

How does Wayfair deliver furniture?

Wayfair follows different methods depending upon the size and quantity of the order placed. They usually divide orders into two categories where one includes small items having weight less than 70 KGs while the second category includes large and big bulky furniture.

  1. The small items with weight less than 150lbs will be easily delivered using global services such as UPS and FedEx.
  2. Large items can only be delivered with the help of a carrier and they only take the services of trustworthy and responsible carriers to deliver the furniture.

How does Wayfair deliver furniture to apartments?

This is the thing that differentiates Wayfair from other furniture retailers that they deliver at your apartments. You will get your order right at your front door even if it is on higher floors.

They have specialized teams that have years of experience in taking the furniture up and delivering it to apartments. Some customers have also claimed that they asked the team to place the furniture in their room, and they did this as well, happily.

How does Wayfair deliver large items?

Large furniture items are only delivered using carriers and Wayfair have some of the best in the market. The carriers hired by Wayfair have a specialty in handling large items and in delivering them to houses or apartments as well.

How long does Wayfair take to deliver furniture?

Many factors can affect the delivery time of Wayfair and some of the major ones are the region from where you are placing the order and the region from where the order will be imported or shipped to you.

A good part of the customers claims that they are completely happy with the delivery time of Wayfair while the other portion says that they take longer to deliver orders. On average, an order is delivered within 7 days of placement.

Although many customers are happy with delivery time, the analytical results of Wayfair conducted by themselves claim that more than 27% of their orders are delivered within 7 days or the days told to the customers while there could be fluctuations because of various reasons where transport issues are the most prominent.

Wayfair shipping location

Wayfair doesn’t really have a physical store in any part of the world and they have their headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. The thing that makes Wayfair a global retailer is that they have opened their offices in almost all countries of the world where furniture demand is huge.

Wayfair is currently delivering or shipping in all the 50 states and all different regions or territories of the United States. It is also claimed that they are now shipping furniture in the UK with a minor charge of 4.99 euro on an order of 40 euro or less.

Regularly, Wayfair offers free delivery through their locations for orders worth more than $40. This thing has boosted their orders and is helping them in achieving the best methods for delivery processes as well.

Wayfair delivery possible issues

  • Issues in scheduling because if there are many orders in the queue, your order may take some time until its number arrives.
  • Mechanical breakdown is a real thing that becomes a cause of delivery issues on various occasions.
  • Accidents either with the furniture in the warehouse or during the journey.
  • Weather conditions are getting extreme.
  • Violations of traffic rules and regulations by the carrier.
  • Traffic density as it plays an important role and can cause delivery delays.

How accurate is Wayfair shipping?

Wayfair is a legitimate and safe retailer that is operating in almost all regions of the world. When it comes to the accuracy of shipping, it can be said that the order will never be lost until there are some genuine issues such as:

  • There was a mistake in the address provided to the Wayfair website.
  • Some major problems have occurred in the delivery chain.

If no unusual thing occurred, there are 27% chances that your order will be delivered right within the time limit while a difference of a couple of days can occur on an occasional basis because of many reasons. 

Although everything was fine and perfect before the start of the COVD-19 pandemic, now people are complaining about Wayfarers’ delivery as they can sometimes get even a month to deliver a single piece of furniture. So, in such kinds of situations when the delivery chain is disturbed, it is better to visit a physical store and get yourself a future right from there.

Does Wayfair do dropshipping?

At the beginning of 2002, Wayfair was not in this world as various e-commerce websites were working in the market with the suppliers divided in-between. In 2002, all these small e-commerce websites were merged to form a single giant which is now known as Wayfair.

From the beginning, Wayfair mainly focused on dropshipping strategy as it was not only convenient but time and cost-saving as well.

They have more than 10,000 suppliers from different parts of the world and almost 95% of orders on Wayfair are delivered directly by the manufacturer to the end customers using a drop-ship method.

However, some orders are passed through Wayfair itself, which only makes up 5% of the total shipping quantity.

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