How can I dispose used IKEA furniture properly in Singapore

Many people seem to think that it is perfectly fine for them to just dump and throw their bulky waste or junk in public areas. However, this is actually a big no-no. If this is the case, how can I dispose used IKEA furniture properly in Singapore, then?

Whether you are planning to move out or you are just doing some serious spring cleaning, you will probably need some help when it comes to throwing and disposing of your old pieces of unwanted furniture. 

In case you don’t know it yet, you will get a heavy fine if you dispose your old furniture without the approval of the Town Council. So, how can you get rid of your used IKEA furniture without facing fines?   Read on below to learn some of the most useful ways to dispose, sell, or donate your old pieces?

Ace Disposal Company for Cheap Disposal

The sad news for private residents who don’t live in HDB, you will need to engage disposal companies or movers in Singapore to help you dispose your unused IKEA furniture. However, it might be good if you will consider recycling the furniture first before you choose to work with a disposal company.

Ace Disposal Company offers one of the most affordable disposal services that you can find in Singapore.  You can contact them to get a non-obligatory quote for furniture disposal.

If ever you need to dispose some of your old IKEA pieces at the soonest time possible, Ace Disposal also provides next day or same day removal service.  By hiring their services for junk removal, you can make your home look exactly as how you want it to be at the soonest time possible.

Cash Converter Singapore

More and more people often go to Google searching for ways on how they can throw away their used IKEA furniture pieces in Singapore. And many of them are often surprised to learn that they can actually get some money out of their old and unwanted pieces instead of simply throwing them away in the trash.

Cash Converter accepts and buys good quality furniture pieces in Singapore. The company also offers the services of doing site visits and they are even known to buy your unwanted furniture items right on the spot.

Offering convenience and easy, you will be able to say goodbye to all the pieces that you no longer need or want once you engage with them. Be sure to contact them if you have an old table that you want to dispose of fast.

Free Furniture Singapore Facebook Group

Probably one of the best available platforms that can help you in recycling unwanted or old IKEA furniture is none other than Free Furniture Singapore. Instead of having to spend for disposal services, the platform can help you look for someone who will be more than happy to take over your discarded used IKEA furniture. 

There is no longer a need for you to wonder where you should throw your pieces and experience the risk of getting a fine. You just need to post a photo, like the page then send your message to the group admin.

The best part here is that you can do all of it for free. The friendly team is quick and prompt to take action on your old furniture. This free disposal service doesn’t only benefit you as it also benefits other people. As the old saying goes, what is trash for you might actually be a treasure for someone else.

Town Council Disposal Service (HDB)

For those who might not know it, the Town Council offers free disposal of up to three items per month per household. Just take note that a bed frame and a mattress are also considered as two items.

Just make sure that you don’t carry your bulky items to the rubbish chute without getting any approval first. Doing so will get you fined for an illegal disposal offence. For you to be eligible for the free furniture, be sure to call your town council first. If not, you can also send them an email for approval prior to disposing your unwanted used IKEA furniture. 

Top Reasons to Dispose Used IKEA Furniture from Your Singapore Home

Top Reasons to Dispose Used IKEA Furniture from Your Singapore Home

There are excellent benefits to your physical and mental health alike if you de-clutter your house every now and then. Clearing out your used IKEA furniture has a lot of positive effects in your life.   

It’s good for your mental health

Living in a cluttered and cramped house filled with all sorts of junk will unconsciously reduce the quality of your sleep, create anxiety, and even lead to overall lack of focus. It is especially true if your daily space like your living room or bedroom has unwanted space.

Any unwanted sight in your personal space will eventually affect your mind. Staying in a clean space will help free your mind and let you remain focused and attentive to the things that matter the most in your life.   

Create the home of your dreams

When you moved to your house for the very first time, you surely had a vision of how to make it look perfect. Through disposing unwanted used furniture and decluttering, you will have less stuff to clean. This will then help be stress-free if you ever need to invite over your friends on a weekend to chill. You also don’t have to worry about having to clean a lot when you only got a few furniture pieces around.   

Furniture disposal is now convenient and easy

It is now easy and simple to get rid of your used IKEA furniture by simply donating them or getting the help of a free disposal service. It doesn’t matter if you only got a few pieces or you want to clear your entire household, the experts can do the work for you.

Keep these things in mind to properly dispose of your used IKEA furniture in Singapore!

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