How do i get rid of furniture fast

Getting rid of furniture is not a cakewalk. Primarily in Singapore, where you cannot dispose of the old worn-out furniture at a random place and get away with it. You will face severe consequences if you offend the law and dispose at a random location in Singapore. You can end up getting fined, jailed, or both. You also do not possess any superpowers that you can deal with the bulk of furniture all alone. Now you must be thinking what exactly I should do then? How will I lift the heavy sofa? How long will that trampoline occupy the space of your garage? Relax, and do not worry! We are here for you with all of your knowledge and experience to help you get rid of the furniture fast.

In this article, we have mentioned the best and the most effective methods to get rid of furniture in Singapore.

Contact your local town disposal service

In Singapore, if you live in public housing, the local town disposal service offers free disposal of at least three household items. However, this excludes the furniture you need to dismantle. To be considered eligible for free furniture disposal, you will have to take approval from the town council. You can either phone call them or send them an email.

Donate the furniture to non-profit organizations

There are hundreds of non-profit organizations in Singapore that are voluntarily working day & night doing social work for the sake of humanity. You can call any of these non-profit organizations and donate them the furniture you want to throw out. It will not only help you but also aid those social organizations.

Use the power of social media

Social media has turned the world into a global village. Billions of people are at the distance of your fingertips. Especially in Singapore, a large proportion of the population got access to the internet. What if I tell you that you can get rid of your furniture using Social Media? Just go and sign in on Facebook. After that, you can find and join the local groups where thousands of people from Singapore engage each other. Just take a snap of your furniture and post it with captions like “It’s Free!” along with your contact details. Thousands of people will see your post, and if someone’s interested in that, he will contact you and pick up the furniture from your house, saving you from a lot of hustle.

Drop the furniture at curb

Another great idea to get rid of furniture fast is to put it on the curb. You can write “It’s free” on cardboard and place it over the items. The next time you look out of the window, the furniture would probably be gone. However, this idea may work for small items only. People can put them in their vehicles conveniently. Large and heavy items are usually difficult to handle.

Try donating the furniture to animal shelter

If your furniture is in that bad condition that no one wants to take it, you can donate it to an animal shelter in Singapore. They can either use it or sell it somewhere to earn some cash.

Contact cash converter singapore

Disposing or donating furniture is not the only option. You can earn some cash and get rid of the useless furniture at the same time too. Cash Converter is a Singapore company that accepts old furniture that is of good quality and usable for a while. They will pay you an appropriate amount of money that will be worth the condition of your furniture. So contact them now to get rid of that extra furniture.

Sell the furniture to hock siong & CO

Hock Siong is a Singapore based company that expertise in restoring old pieces of furniture and converting them into state of the art furniture again and sale it. If you got a lot of furniture to be thrown out, there is a piece of good news for you, as Hock Siong & CO love to purchase the stuff in bulk.

Call a furniture disposal service

There are hundreds of companies in Singapore that provide cost-effective furniture disposal services. All you have to do is to drop them a message or give them a phone call, and they will get to the place and time of your choosing. Make sure to hire a licensed company so you won’t end up getting fined for illegal disposal. In Singapore, offending the laws is something serious.

Contact junk to clear

If your house is full of bulky furniture that no one wants to buy or accept as a gift or donation, Junk to Clear is always here to help you. Junk to Clear is a waste management company based in Singapore that can take care of all the junk furniture you want to throw out.

Call second charm

The second charm is another Singapore based company that will purchase valuable furniture items from you, restore them into stylish pieces, and sell them again in the market. They will pay you according to the condition of your furniture items.

Donate on sgfreecycle website

SgFreeCycle is an online platform where you can donate your furniture to those who are needy in Singapore. The website allows you to post photos of your furniture, and if anyone is interested, he will contact you through your given details.

Donate on pass it on

If your furniture is still usable, then Pass It On I is the perfect choice for you. It is a project started by the Central Singapore Community development council. Hundreds of social workers from more than 300 welfare organizations all across Singapore are part of this project. This site works in a way that matches the donor and acceptors of a specific item. Moreover, the site also allows you to post multiple photos of your furniture, write a description of your furniture, and post it. After that, you will have to wait for someone to accept your donation. Your furniture goes directly to the home of the needy to ensure clarity in the whole process.

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