How expensive is reupholstering furniture?

Reupholstering is a major furniture project that involves changing the old fabric of the upholstery and replacing them with another one so that they look anew. Reupholstering is a lot of work to do because you will have to do lots of deliberation and shop for materials. These activities, most of the time, discourage people from embarking on the project and would often make a comparison with getting a new upholstery.

Normally, the bulk of the deliberation will be passed on to the professional who is to handle the project. But because reupholstering can be expensive, hence, the most comparison is usually based on the cost. Consequently, the first thing anyone who wants to embark on a reupholstering project wants to know is, “how expensive is reupholstering furniture?” You will find the answer here in this article. Keep reading!

Is reupholstering furniture?

Reupholstering can be very expensive because of the amount of cost that is involved. As a homeowner interested in reupholstering, upholstering fabric costs are the two major costs, you will have to pay. However, don’t be too excited because you may spend up to $4000 in total at the end of the day, depending on the cost of the fabric used and the kind of labor that is required.

What is reupholstering furniture?

Reupholstering is a term used in the furniture industry to describe activities involved in replacing the fabric of old furniture (chair, sofa, or chaises) with new ones. In some situations, that definition may not be adequate because, depending on the condition of the upholstery, it may also involve changing the entire structure of the furniture or repairing, regluing, or webbing some parts of the furniture pieces.

Benefits of reupholstering furniture

  1. Retain the value of your furniture

Sometimes, furniture pieces can be more than just furniture to people. As individuals, we all have reasons why we just want to keep that one thing we have in our lives. That means we have attached a particular value to that thing. If yours is furniture, then instead of throwing away what you consider an heirloom, forget about them. Reupholstering will allow you to give your cherished dated furniture a fresh look that provides more comfort than having to dispose of them for a brand new one.

  1. Adaptability

If I am to be asked which industry is subjective to the constant change in style after the fashion industry, the furniture-making industry will be an easy pick for me, and I believe most people will agree. This is because every time furniture manufacturers come up with new designs and styles for their products. With reupholstering, you can easily change the style or design of your old furniture to the latest one without affecting the original comfort they offer.

  1. Convenience

Yeah, I know what I said in the introductory part of this article, and I don’t need to be reminded. So, if I said reupholstering involves a lot of work, how can it be convenient? Well, here’s the thing, compared to getting brand new furniture, reupholstering offers more convenience. This is because to get new furniture; you have to decide which style will match your interior design, the material you need, and the type of design that suits your taste. Whereas the only major decision you have to make with reupholstering is the material because your old furniture already has these qualities. This means only one thing; you don’t have to go through the hassle that comes with buying new furniture.

  1. Cost-effective

At some point, you may feel like changing the interior design or revamping the general setup of your indoor space. What’s the point if this will not involve changing your furniture? Therefore, if this will require changing your furniture pieces, you may need to prepare an elaborate budget because getting brand new furniture can be expensive. Reupholstering your old furniture instead will make a better alternative for you as they are more cost-effective. With reupholstering, you can bring that fresh new look to your indoor spaces without spending extravagantly.

Should you reupholster furniture?

Yes, you should consider reupholstering your furniture. Instead of getting new furniture, reupholstering will be better because it will allow you to add value to your old fur picture without you having to compromise on your comfort or spending excessively on acquiring new upholstery.

Is it hard to reupholster furniture?

Yes, reupholstery can be hard for someone who is handling such a project for the first time. Normally, reupholstering should be done by a professional, but there’s no harm in trying if you prefer to do it by yourself. However, this could be challenging at first because you have to do lots of calculations and need to be able to identify materials. Sometimes, you may need to restructure the frame of the upholstery, which could be physically draining.

Is reupholstering expensive?

Yes, reupholstering can be expensive depending on the cost of material needed and the labor cost. Note that cost may vary depending on the quality of the material that is needed and the number of repairs that are to be done to give the furniture a new look.

How much does reupholstering cost?

The cost of reupholstering varies depending on the type of furniture you want to reupholster. For instance, the price you pay for reupholstering a couch is not the amount you will pay for a chair or ottoman. Check below for details on the cost of each upholstery.

  1. Couch – $600 to $4000
  2. Chair – $50 to $2000
  3. Outdoor cushion – $50 to $500
  4. Ottoman – $300 to $700
  5. Headboards – $200 to $2000
  6. Leather – $100 to $4000
  7. Restaurant Booths – $100 to  $500
  8. Chaise lounge – $900 to $1500

Is it worth reupholstering furniture?

Yes, reupholstering furniture is worth it. There are lots of benefits associated with reupholstering furniture. But the obvious ones are that they will save you lots of time, energy and money. The benefits that come with reupholstering furniture are enough reasons for you to consider reupholstering.

Is it cheaper to reupholster or buy new?

Reupholstering furniture is cheaper compared to buying a new one. Let’s do the math together. If you are buying new furniture, you will be indirectly paying for a new design, style, material, frame, and labor cost. But when you are reupholstering your old furniture, you will be paying for just the material and the cost of labor, or else you want a new design or style that you may be required to pay more. Now decide for yourself which is cheaper.  

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