How much does it cost to have furniture removed

You probably have some old worn-out furniture at home that you don’t want to see in your house anymore. Whether it’s an old bed or that noisy refrigerator, you have to be a gym freak or possess superpowers to get rid of it all alone at once.

Unfortunately, none of us is like that. Therefore, the best solution is to hire a furniture disposal service. Now the very first question that came into your mind is that is how much furniture removal costs. We have covered everything related to furniture removal costs, so let’s dive into it.

What determines the furniture removal cost in singapore

Singapore is a place with strict laws regarding furniture disposal and dumping the furniture at a random place can get you in serious trouble. You can get into jail for several months; get thousands of dollars of fine, or both. Hiring a furniture removal service is the best option as those companies are certified and approved by the government of Singapore. They will get to the time and place of your choosing and legally dispose of your furniture according to the protocols suggested by the government.

Removing furniture is quite a strenuous job as it requires special expertise. Furniture disposal companies are well prepared for this job as they have a well-trained staff and possess all the gears and vehicles required for smooth removal of furniture.

Different companies have different furniture removal costs. However, there are some common factors that play an important role in determining the cost of furniture removal.

Quantity and Size of Your Furniture

Furniture removal cost usually depends upon the size and quantity of your furniture. If you have a room full of furniture items that take up to hours to be removed, then it will probably cost you more. Similarly, if the furniture to be removed is extremely heavy, then the workers will have to put in more energy and effort to remove it, thus increasing the cost for furniture removal.

Also, if there are some non-furniture items in the list like a refrigerator or something that needs to be removed by extra care and support, then it will probably charge you more.

Location of Furniture

The location of furniture can have a significant impact on the furniture removal cost. If you are living on the 10th floor, then it will consume a lot of energy and time for the workers to remove your furniture. It also depends upon the factors like availability of lift and stairs, etc.

Think of it from the worker’s point of view, you will obviously charge more for removing a bulky furniture item from the 10th floor and charge less for removing a similar item from the 10th floor. 

Weight of the Furniture

Removing heavy furniture items will require more gears and manpower thus increasing the cost of furniture removal. Items like large bed frames and heavy sofas may need to be dismantled before removing them. A simple Google search on “common furniture weight” will help you get an idea of the weight of your furniture and derive an estimated removal cost.

Type of Disposal

Furniture removal costs can also be impacted by the type of disposal the company offers to you. For example, some companies dispose of the furniture to the nearby dump whereas some come companies prefer to dispose of the furniture in an environment-friendly way by recycling or reusing it.

Therefore, every type of disposal may have a separate cost so it is important to discuss everything with the company before proceeding to remove the furniture.

Junk Removal Service

If your furniture is nothing more than a pile of scrap then you should consider hiring a junk removal service for it. It can include items like broken chairs, beds, tree branches, and old worn-out mattresses.

You can call any of your nearest junk removal services and they will get to your place with their team and trucks. Junk removal service providers tend to charge by the truckload. So the more junk you got, the higher it will cost you.

Insurance for Any Damage

Sometimes, furniture removal workers end up damaging your property due to their ruthlessness during the process. Therefore, make sure to hire a professional and certified company that accepts liability for any damage to your property and is ready to compensate for it.

Sensitive or Dangerous Items

If you are planning to remove sensitive items that need to be removed with extreme care and concentration, then it will cost you more.

Moreover, if there are some hazardous items like oil, fuel, toxic chemicals, aerosol, paints, and gas in your inventory then you should consult the company first because many furniture removal companies do not handle hazardous items.

Tips for saving on furniture removal cost

When removing furniture, you can save yourself some cash by following the tips and tricks given by our experts below:

  1. Look for Discounts: There a lot of furniture disposal companies in Singapore, who offer a discount on their services on special occasions. For example, some companies offer a first-time customer discount to their new customers and some companies offer a special discount to teachers, doctors, or military personnel. Moreover, you may also find special discount offers for New Year or Christmas. So keep an eye on all the factors mentioned above, and make your move at the right time.
  2. Inquire about the disposal: As you know that different types of disposal may have different rates. Therefore, ask the company about where they plan to dispose of your furniture and ask about its cost. Doing this will save you from any inconvenience later on.
  3. Ask about the vehicles: Always ask about the vehicles the disposal company will use for removing your furniture to ensure if it is the right choice for you or not. Moreover, some companies charge according to the truckload, so keep an eye on that as well as it will help you to find an estimated furniture removal cost.  

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