How to anchor furniture without drilling

Furniture is the need of every house in Singapore. Sometimes, we have to deal with certain furniture items that need to be fixed in the wall such as bookshelf and cabinets, etc. For this purpose, you have to drill holes in the wall and use screws to anchor the furniture.

But the problem with drilling is that not everyone wants to do it. Because if you plan to move the furniture to another spot in the future then it will leave behind the empty holes that will make your whole wall look ugly. So, how to anchor furniture without drilling?

We’ll that find out in this article. After reading it you’ll have several different working ideas in your mind that will help you to secure furniture without drilling.

How do you secure furniture without drilling?

There are many ways through which you can anchor your furniture without drilling. Let’s dig out and find all those techniques and tips that will help you out:

1. Use durable & heavy-duty glue

There could be many reasons behind not anchoring furniture with drilling. Sometimes, you don’t want to ruin the beauty of your wall after you change the furniture’s location and sometimes your wall doesn’t support drilling.

If you want to avoid drilling while anchoring furniture then we recommend you use durable and heavy-duty glue. Properly clean the surface of the wall where you want to attach the furniture to give proper strength and stickiness to the glue.

Take a pencil and scale and draw marks on the wall to have an exact idea of where you are going to place the furniture. Now apply glue at the backside of the furniture that you want to anchor and attach it to the wall.

Give the glue enough time to dry for at least 24 hours and don’t put any pressure or object on it.

Always keep in mind that glue will never be sufficient enough to support the furniture alone. Especially if the furniture is heavyweight then it can be dangerous as the furniture may fell off anytime due to weak support. We recommend you use glue with some other solutions like velcro straps and steel or plastic cables to give strong support and strength to the furniture.

2. Use anti-tip kits for furniture

When your furniture is not secured and anchored into a wall then it is vulnerable to a lot of risks and threats. In case of any unbalance, overload, or natural disaster like an earthquake can make it fall off at anytime. It can injure your pet, kids, or even you.

Therefore, you will need something that can secure the furniture and prevent it from falling off. This is where anti-tip kits come into the job.

Anti-tip kits are specially designed and developed for bearing the heavyweight of furniture.You can glue the anti-tip kit to the wall with glue and then attach your furniture item to it. You can also fix the anti-tip kit in the wall by making an extremely small hole (hook-sized). It will give additional strength to your furniture item without requiring you to drill a lot of holes in the furniture item.

3. Try velcro straps

Velcro slaps are one of the best options for those who want to anchor furniture items without drilling. The reason is that velcro straps don’t need any kind of drilling or holes in the wall. They can work independently without any drilling or holes.

Velcro straps come with special wall anchors that you can attach to the wall without doing any drilling or holes. The straps will firmly support your furniture.

4. Use safety straps

Many expensive furniture items in our homes are always at the risk of falling and damage such as your TV. Any time a child or pet can push it down from the table and break it. Moreover, it can also fell and break due to an earthquake. This way your hundreds of dollars will be wasted and someone around can also suffer an injury.

Therefore, you must protect it at all costs and this is where safety straps will be handy. The best thing about safety straps is that you can use them without drilling and making holes. 

You can take the safety straps and connect them to the TV or any other furniture item that you want to anchor. They are flexible and strong enough to bear the weight of furniture and prevent them from falling off.

Safety straps have two sides. You will have to attach one end to the furniture item for protection and the second end will be glued to a strong base like the wall or the surface of any furniture item.

5. Use self standing furniture

If all the methods mentioned above don’t seem to work for you and you still want to anchor your furniture without drilling then the only option could be using self-standing furniture.

Avoid buying the furniture that needs to be anchored into the wall and instead get the self-standing furniture. The good thing about it is that it can stand on its own and does not need to be anchored into the wall. It can also take in a good amount of loadthat will fulfill your needs.

For example, if you want to anchor your bookshelf without drilling but no method is working so far then you can just get a self-standing bookshelf. You won’t have to anchor it inside the wall as it can stand itself. Plus, you can store a lot of stuff inside it without worrying about it falling.

Why is it necessary to anchor furniture?

Why is it necessary to anchor furniture

There are more than one reasons that why it is necessary to anchor your furniture. Generally, we anchor furniture because it is good for furniture’s safety and your safety as well.

If the furniture will not be anchored, it will be unstable and unbalanced all the time. It can fell off any time and injure you, your kids, your pet, or anyone else at the spot.

Natural disasters like earthquakes and intense windstorms can also make the furniture fell off and cause injuries and damage. Moreover, your kids or pets can also push the already unstable, unbalanced furniture, and make it fall.

Therefore, anchoring the furniture is necessary as it will provide strong support to the furniture and firmly keep it in its position. It will save you from any injury or damage to the furniture. If you’re curious about how you can anchor your furniture without drilling then you can simply follow all our guidelines given above and it will solve the problem for you.

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