How to dispose bed frame

Whether you are cleaning up the junk furniture or just simply restyling your house, there is always a need to dispose of the old, worn-out furniture and bed frame is one of them.

Many people in Singapore struggle with ideas on how to get rid of bed frame and free up some space in their house. But not anymore! In this article, we will teach you all the tips and tricks on how to dispose of bed frame. From ethical disposal of bed frame to recycling it and converting it into amazing items, we have covered it all in this article.

There is no rocket science behind getting rid of the bed frame. Here are some tips you should follow to get rid of your bed frame:

Sell your bed frame

If your bed frame is in good condition, you can sell it to make some quick cash. There are various ways through which you can sell your bed frame.

  • Contact Local Resale Shop: There are hundreds of shops all across Singapore where they buy used furniture from people and sell them at a markup to earn a profit. A simple Google search will help you find such resale stores around your locality in Singapore. You can contact them to inquire if they’re interested in your bed frame. Tell them about the condition of your bed frame, its color, shape, size and dimensions.
  • Sell it Online: You can access thousands of people in Singapore using the internet. There are a lot of online market places like e-bay, Craiglist, and Facebook marketplace groups where thousands of people sell and purchase their items. Take clear photos of the bed frame and upload them at any of the market places with all the details like its shape, size, dimensions, color, and material. If anyone’s interested in purchasing your bed frame, he’ll get to you through your contact details.
  • Sell it Through Consignment Shop: Consignment stores will sell your bed frame and take a percentage of money from the profit. So you can also sell try contacting any of the nearest consignment stores.

Donate your bed frame

Another great way to get rid of your bed frame is to donate it. There are hundreds of non-profit organizations voluntarily working all across Singapore and doing social work for the sake of the betterment of humanity. You can donate your bed frame to any of these organizations and they will either sell it or use it according to their needs. This way you will also support these organizations and help them continue their mission.

Hire a furniture disposal service

Hiring a furniture disposal service is the perfect method for the stress-free disposal of your bed frame. There are multiple companies offering their furniture disposal services all across Singapore. You can call them and their team will arrive at the time and place of your choosing. Whether the bed frame is on the 8th or 12th floor, they will pick it up then throw it in their truck and dispose of it ethically and legally. Different companies have different rates that vary as per the on-ground conditions.

Legal Disposal

Here you must keep in mind that Singapore has very strict laws regarding the disposal of items and illegal dumping of bed frames can lead to serious consequences like heavy fines and jail. Therefore, make sure you hire a certified disposal company that will dispose of the bed frame according to the protocols and rules set by the government of Singapore.

Contact your local public waste collector

If your bed frame is just a useless piece of crap, you can also dispose of it by contacting your local public waste collector in Singapore. Their team will arrive at your residence, throw the bed frame in their truck, and take it away. However, you must keep in mind that they charge a separate fee for the removal of bulky items. 

Recycle the bed frame

If you want to do a favor to the environment and make sure that we make this planet earth a safe place to live for the upcoming generations, then you will surely opt for recycling the bed frame. This way you will not only get rid of your bed frame but also keep the environment clean. You can take your bed frame to any of your nearest recycling centers and they will turn it into something new that will be worth using. You can also recycle the bed frame yourself and make some amazing things out of it. Here we have listed some of the best creative ideas to utilize the old bed frame.

  1. A Garden Bench: Nothing is more relaxing thansitting in the garden and enjoying the fresh air. With a little bit of effort and smart work, you can turn that metal or wooden bed into a garden bench.
  2. Pet Bed: If you got any pets at home then you can use your bed frame to create a nice little bed for your pet. It will be a masterpiece for sure.
  3. Flower Bed: Flowers are always a treat to watch. You can brighten up the environment of your home by using your bed frame as a flower bed and enriching it with a lot of colorful flowers.
  4. Work Bench: Instead of throwing away your bed frame, you can turn it into a nice and smooth workbench that will help you work efficiently.
  5. Bed Frame Swing: Bed frames can also be converted into a swing that you can use in your lawn. It will look elegant and also provide you some entertainment.  

Give it to your friends or relatives

If the bed frame is in good condition and still got some lifespan left, then you can also give it to your friends, relatives, or other people in your circle of influence. You can also ask the people around your neighborhood and if anyone needs it, you can give it to them.

If you are not sure how to check the life expectancy of furniture, please refer to our previous guide for more.

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