How to dispose of mirror wardrobe doors

We all have mirror wardrobe doors in our homes. They add to the beauty of your home’s interior and make it look more elegant and attractive. If you don’t need your mirror wardrobe doors anymore and want to get rid of them then you have made the right decision to be here. In this article, we will teach you how to dispose of large mirrored wardrobe doors. 

There are a lot of people out there who have no clue about how they can dispose of their mirror wardrobe doors. If you also don’t have any idea, then don’t worry because you will have multiple methods to dispose of the mirror wardroom door after reading this article.

Disposing Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Disposing Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Here are all the methods that you can follow to dispose of mirror wardrobe doors:

1. Sell and Earn Money

If your mirror wardrobe doors are not damaged and still in usable condition then you can sell them and earn money. It is much better than disposing of them off. There are different ways through which you can sell it:

Sell to a Local Dealer or Friend

You can call any of your local dealers and get your mirror wardrobe doors inspected by them. If they are interested, you can make a deal with them, negotiate the price, and sell the wardrobe doors. Moreover, you can also tell people among your family and friends that you have mirror wardrobe doors for sale. If anyone needs it then you can sell it to them as well.

Sell on the Internet

These days everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket that is connected to the internet. Perhaps, the internet has transformed the world into a global village where you can instantly access anyone from any corner of the world.

You can take photos of your mirror wardrobe doors and post them on different online marketplaces famous in your country along with complete relevant descriptions and your price. The interested buyers will message you and then you can negotiate the final price and close the deal with them. 

There are billions of internet users and you will easily find a customer if you sell your mirror wardrobe doors online. 

2. Donate to Nonprofit Organizations

There are a lot of nonprofit organizations that are working in different parts of the world for the welfare of human beings. They contribute to different positive things like providing healthcare, education, food, water, and financial aid to needy people. They run on funds & infrastructure donated by people like you. Therefore, you can appreciate them and show your support by donating something to them.

If there is any such nonprofit organization working to help the people out there then you can donate your mirror wardrobe doors to them. It can help them set up their infrastructure or they can sell it and use that money to continue their mission. It will also give you a mental relief that you have contributed to something positive.

3. Contact Your Local Waste Management Authority

If your mirror wardrobe doors are damaged and can’t be used somewhere else then you can probably not sell them. Here you must be concerned about the safe and legal disposal of those mirror wardrobe doors. 

You can contact your local solid waste management authority and ask them if they can dispose of the mirror wardrobe doors or not. If they say yes then here’s what you should do:

Take off the mirror wardrobe doors and put cross tape on them. It will keep the glass in the frame and prevent it from falling off. Now take cardboard and place it on both sides of the mirror door. After that, cover the cardboard with duct tape. Next, you should write “Glass inside!” on the cardboard to aware the workers that there is glass inside so that they can handle it carefully without suffering from an injury.

The waste management authority will pick the mirror wardrobe doors from you and dispose of them. They may charge you for doing that so you should confirm that before proceeding.

4. Hire a Furniture Disposal Service

Many people have a busy schedule and they don’t have any time to dispose of the mirror wardrobe doors themselves. They need a quick solution that can help them get rid of the mirror wardrobe doors without wasting any time. If you are also one of them then the right option for you is to hire a furniture disposal service.

You can call any of your nearest furniture disposal services and tell them you want to dispose of a mirror wardrobe door and need their help. They will come to your place at your given date & time and finish the job for you. You will not have to do anything by yourself because they’ll do everything for you.

We recommend you find a licensed furniture disposal service because they will legally dispose of the mirror wardrobe door according to your local rules and regulations. Moreover, you can also do further research and explore the furniture disposal services in your area with the best price rates. 

5. Take it for Recycling

One of the best and eco-friendly methods you can follow to dispose of the mirror wardrobe door is to take it to the recycling center. It is much better than dumping it at a landfill.

Different recycling centers have different rules and regulations regarding accepting different items. Therefore, we recommend you call your local recycling center and ask them if they will accept mirror wardrobe doors or not. If they give you a green signal then you can take your mirror wardrobe doors to the recycling center.

6. Give Away for Free

If you don’t want to get into any complex time-consuming process and want to get rid of the mirror wardrobe door as soon as possible then you can also give it away for free. It is easier than all the methods we have explained above. You can use different ways to give away the mirror wardrobe door for free. 

Give to your family & friends

You can tell anyone among your family, friends and neighbors that you have mirror wardrobe doors available at home and if anyone needs them then they can pick them up from your house for free.

Post on your social media accounts

The second thing you can do is to take photos of the mirror wardrobe door and post them on your social media accounts with an “available for free” caption. If anyone needs them then they’ll contact you.

Give away on Online Marketplaces

You can go to different popular online marketplaces in your country and post pictures of those mirror wardrobe doors with a free price tag.

The people interested will contact you and get those mirror wardrobe doors from you.

Place it at Curbside with a Free Price Tag

If your local laws allow then you can also put the mirror wardrobe doors on the curbside and place big cardboard with “Get for Free” written on it. The people who need it will take it away. 

Again, you need to make sure that doing this is legal and allowed in your area.

That’s all for now!

mirror wardrobe doors

We have dropped multiple methods that will help you dispose of the mirror wardrobe doors easily.

You can take a look at all of them and follow the one which seems most suitable to you. 

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