Is a TV considered furniture

TV is one of the most common items used by everyone in Singapore. We all have televisions in our homes that we use to watch news, movies, sports, and get entertainment. While watching TV; you must have thought for once whether if a TV counts as furniture or not. If yes, then you are not the only one because many people from Singapore have asked us the same question.

Is TV considered an appliance or furniture? Let’s dig out and find the answer in this article.

First of all, we will take a complete look at the definition of furniture and appliance. It will help us determine which item counts as furniture and which item doesn’t. Thus, it will be easier for us to find the answer about TV.

What’s the definition of furniture?

The word furniture means any movable object that can be used to make a living space more comfortable, attractive, and suitable for living.

Furniture is very useful for humans as it helps them perform different activities, fulfill their needs, and makes their lives easy and comfortable. For example, bed, sofa, tables, and chairs, etc.

What’s the definition of appliance?

The word appliance refers to any kind of equipment or machine that is designed and developed to perform a specific task.

An appliance could be anything that performs any specific task such as the washing machine in your home performs the specific task of cleaning the clothes. The refrigerator in your house keeps the food colder. The microwave oven helps you to warm food.

Is TV an appliance or furniture?

Now recall the definition of furniture and appliance that we just dropped above and let’s apply it to a TV to find out the answers.  We can conclude that:

TV is a furniture item but it’s not an appliance. Instead of an appliance, TV is an electronic device.

Therefore, the conclusion is that TV is a furniture item and also an electronic device.

Here you might be wondering that how did we conclude all of this? WhyTV is furniture? Why’s TV not an appliance? What are the reasons and logic behind that? Well, let’s take a detailed look at everything.

Why TV is considered furniture?

Here are all the reasons and factors due to which we can consider TV as furniture:

1. It is moveable

The very first reason why TV is furniture is that it is moveable. If you look at the definition of furniture, the main point you will find out is that furniture items are moveable like your bed, table, chair, and sofa, etc.

Similarly, TV is considered as furniture because it can also be easily moved from one place to another. You can easily take your TV from one room to another or even from one house to another. So that’s why we can count TV as a furniture item.

2. It serves a purpose and makes living suitable

Another key point that we found in the definition was that furniture has a specific purpose and it makes life suitable and comfortable in a house. For example, the purpose of your bed is to take rest and sleep. The purpose of chairs is to sit on them and the purpose of tables is to place different items over them. So, all these things have specific purposes and they make life suitable and easier in our homes.

The reason why we can call TV furniture is that TV also has a specific purpose in our home or office and it makes life suitable and easier. The purpose of TV is to provide us news, entertainment, and updates on different events in the world as they happen. It makes life suitable and comfortable as it provides information about what’s going on around us and also keeps us entertained. Moreover, TV also adds to the style and beauty of your house/room and makes the whole space look attractive.

Therefore, that is another reason why we can call TV a furniture item.

3. It is made of different material

One of the key facts about furniture is that it is manufactured with different types of material. For example, you will find different furniture items made of wood, plastic, glass, or even metal.

Similarly, the TV can also be called furniture because it is made of different materials like metal, plastic, and glass. The old TV even had a wooden frame with them a well.

4. It can be decorated

Another quality of the furniture items is that they can be decorated to look more attractive. For example, you can decorate your sofa by placing attractive pillows on it.

In the same way, you can also decorate your TV using several different methods.

This is one of many other reasons why you can call a TV a furniture item.

Why TV is not considered an appliance?

We just discussed all the reasons above that why TV is considered as furniture. Now let’s explore why TV is not considered an appliance.

An appliance is any machine or equipment designed and developed to perform a specific task.

TV is not an appliance because it doesn’t ‘perform any specific task’.

 For example, your refrigerator performs the task of keeping the food and drinks cold. Your washing machines perform the task of washing and cleaning your clothes. TV on the other hand does not perform any specific task. It is just for watching the news, sports, movies, and getting some information and entertainment.

Instead, TV is termed as an electronic device that comprises different wires, transistors, and sensors, etc. All of this stuff is also found in other electronic devices like mobile phones and computers, etc. Therefore, a TV is not an appliance but an electronic machine.

Final Verdict

If we conclude all our discussion then we can say that:

TV qualifies as a furniture item because it has many of those qualities and properties that are mentioned in the definition of furniture. Like we discussed in complete detail above, TV fulfills the definition of furniture in so many ways. Thus, we can call it furniture.

TV is not an appliance because it doesn’t fulfill the definition of an appliance. Both of them are two different things that don’t go together. Instead, TV qualifies as an electronic device/machine because it has all those properties of electronic machines.

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