Is expensive furniture worth it

Just like in life, buying furniture in Singapore entails some serious decisions to make. Would you try to save money to go for a cheaper product or would you spend more to get a higher quality piece? Considering that the difference between these two options is quite big, this is one investment decision you should do right. So, is expensive furniture worth it?

What is Cheap and What is Expensive?

is expensive indoor furniture worth it

As most of you might already know, price and cost are relative. $100 to someone who only earns $200 a week already means a lot of money. But, for someone who earns $2,000 a week, it might be a completely different story. 

However, things are not even this simple since someone who makes $2,000 per week may have ongoing bills worth $1,700 on top of other expenses so even $100 might still be a lot for them. Although this point might sound a bit farfetched, it highlights a more serious problem.

For discussion purposes, assume that something such as a sofa priced at $200 is quite cheap while one at about $2,000 is already quite pricey considering that the two options are of the same sizes. There might not be a lot of other options on the market priced cheaper than $200 for a sofa. But of course, you could still spend more if you want. There are lots of options that you can easily get at higher price tags of up to $6,000 as long as you can afford it.

There are many things that can justify when expensive furniture is worth your money and these include the following:

Enjoyment and Pleasure

This might or might not be the main motivator for most people. However, saving up and working hard to buy something expensive you really adore and love can bring you more enjoyment and pleasure. For those who are a big fan of beautiful things, going for cheaper furniture options might not satiate your cravings.


Probably the first and biggest argument in favor of more expensive furniture pieces and even many other things in this world is none other than quality. As the old adage goes, you will be getting exactly what you pay for and this largely rings true as far as furniture is concerned. Unfortunately, in most fields such as fashion, the name of the brand determines the cost instead of the production values.

For example, a single chair priced at $645 might already seem too expensive for some people. But, once you closely look at the details, you found out that it is a handmade chair. It wasn’t produced in a factory and instead, it was crafted by real hands in a real workshop. It is also hand painted with a high quality fabric and the seat also stitched and handcrafted by a real person. Having said all of these, it is easy to see that you will be getting a piece of topnotch quality that can last for several generations.

On the other hand, you also find a similar-looking chair that comes with a cheaper price tag. On the surface, it seems that you will be getting the same chair. However, when you look at it carefully, you notice that it has that factory-produced appearance. The fabric is also machine-stitched and thinner, with the chair built using the production line. Even if this cheaper chair can also last for years, it will never be able to outlive the first one.

The whole point here is that there are instances when more money means higher quality and this higher quality will also mean a nicer product with a longer life that offers more comfort.

Secondhand Luxury Options are Also Available

Of course, not all people can save more money just to buy posh furniture pieces. Thankfully, this is no longer a problem. Today, it is now super easy and even super cool to buy not only used furniture but also other stuff.

Gone are those days of stigma associated with secondhand items. This just means that you can still get quality pieces with no need for you to break the bank. To ensure that you will be getting more than your money’s worth, make sure you do your research, look for reliable furniture makers and brands, and start your search on online marketplaces and used or auction sites.

If you are lucky, you might even end up getting two or three expensive furniture pieces for almost the same price as a lower quality piece from a retail park furniture shop that might end up falling apart after just a year of use. Buying used expensive furniture is also a green option as it is good for the environment, too.


Sustainability has now become one of the biggest issues right now and for a good reason. This also plays a significant role when it comes to the topic of whether or not it is worth it to buy expensive furniture. As they always say, you might end up buying twice if you buy cheap and this is an important concern when it comes to furniture pieces. 

If you go for a cheaper choice, there is always the risk that it might break after only two years of usage and you will be left with no choice but to throw it out. Others might not really be bothered by this but if you will consider the energy, materials, fuel, and other things used for those cheap pieces, it is easy to see that they end costing the environment more than you might realize it.

On the other hand, a more expensive piece may have initial costs but its longer lifespan only means that the cost will not be repeated twice or thrice over for the same result. Wouldn’t it be nicer to sit on your couch that you can enjoy for several years while knowing that it was also an environment friendly option?

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, expensive furniture is really worth it in most cases. With the sustainable materials and methods used for these pieces, you can expect them to last longer because they are made better, not to mention that they are also more beautiful.  

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