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Gaming has become a major part of our lives due to the advancement in the internet and technology. We all like to play games for entertainment in our free time. Some of us like to play games on mobile phones while some like to play on Play station, Xbox or PC. There has been a lot of confusion among gamers on whether if they should have a gaming chair in their setup or just go with an ordinary chair? So what do the experts suggest? Is gaming chair worth it or not? We’ll explore that in this article.

Should I Have a Gaming Chair? – Yes or Not

The simple answer to this question relies on the fact that how much time do you spend gaming. 

If you don’t spend too much time gaming and just play games once or twice a week/month then you probably do not need a gaming chair.

But if you are a regular gamer and spend hours of time gaming every day then you must get a gaming chair immediately. 

The reason is that when you will spend hours sitting on a chair in front of the screen then you will need to be completely comfortable and in the right posture. Otherwise, you may suffer from a lot of health problems like bad posture, weakness, pain, and muscle strains. That is why you must have a gaming chair as it will keep you comfortable and in the correct posture.

What Happens If You Play Games without Gaming Chair?

As we were telling you above that prolonged gaming can be injurious for your health if you are not using the right chair. Let’s take a look at what happens to your body if your play games without a gaming chair:

1. Bad Posture & Multiple Muscle Injuries

When you will spend most of the time of every day sitting in front of a screen then it will have a significant impact on your posture. It’s because when you are absorbed into the game all the time, you have no idea that you are sitting in a bad posture. So when you repeatedly sit in that bad posture for a long time, your body will start looking like that. 

Moreover, constantly sitting in an uncomfortable chair can put extreme pressure on your intervertebral discs and damage them. Your hips muscles can also get damaged due to sitting uncomfortably for hours every day. The bad neck position can cause serious damage to your shoulder muscles and also lead to spinal cord degeneration or damage to its blood vessels. Consequently, you will feel a lot of pain and won’t be able to walk properly. 

2. Frequent Muscle Strains in Your Wrist, Elbow, and Hand

 When you will play games for too long, you will excessively use your fingers, wrist, and elbows. This excessive use can lead to a condition called overuse tendinosis. It will cause frequent pain in your wrist, hands, and elbows.

3. Frequent Nerve Impingement

Sitting and gaming in an uncomfortable chair for a long time every day will put unusual stress on your nerves. It will cause frequent nerve impingement in your body and create a lot of pain.

Do Gaming Chairs Make a Difference?

Now as you have learned all the health risks and injuries that you can face while gaming in an uncomfortable chair, you must be thinking that why you should get a gaming chair. Are gaming chairs something special? Do gaming chairs make any difference? The answer is yes! So let’s explore how:

1. Excellent Weight Distribution

Gaming chairs are specially designed to evenly distribute your weight throughout the chair and support your body. They will absorb your weight and reduce the stress/pressure on your bones, nerves, muscles, and intervertebral discs. That’s how gaming chairs will keep you comfortable even if you sit for hours.

2. Easily Adjustable 

Unlike ordinary chairs, gaming chairs are easily adjustable. You can adjust different parts of the gaming chair to your favorite and comfortable position.

3. Attractive Outlook

Gaming chairs have a purely aesthetic and attractive outlook. They got beautiful colors and designs over them that will enhance the attractiveness of your entire gaming setup.

4. High-Quality Material

Gaming chairs are made from high-quality material that will last longer and keep you comfortable all the time.

5. Improvement in Posture

Gaming chairs are strategically designed to keep the users balanced and in a good posture. They will keep your neck, spine, and back aligned so that your posture won’t deteriorate due to constant sitting for hours.

6. Productivity Boost

A lot of time when you sit in front of the computer screen for work, your muscles start getting sore and tired after a while. So you have to take a lot of breaks which destroys your rhythm and momentum. This leads to poor productivity and waste of time.

If you will have a gaming chair then you will feel easy and comfortable even after hours of sitting. This way you’ll be able to focus on the work and boost your productivity.

Are the Gaming Chairs Waste of Money

Are the Gaming Chairs Waste of Money

No! Gaming chairs are not a waste of money at all. Instead, gaming chairs are designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed all the time. They will save you from a lot of health risks and injuries.

You can boost your productivity with a gaming chair and focus on the work much better. It will help you make more money.

Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

Yes, gaming chairs are completely comfortable and provide you a nice and smooth sitting experience. They offer you several different features that will keep you comfortable all the time. The gaming chairs are designed to support your body weight and distribute it thoroughly. 

Moreover, they keep your whole body aligned in a correct posture to prevent any injury or damage to your muscles. 

Are Gaming Chairs Bad for Your Back?

Nope, gaming chairs are not bad for your back. Perhaps, gaming chairs are specially designed and built for supporting your back and keeping it aligned in a correct posture.

Are Gaming Chairs Expensive?

Gaming chairs are available in a variety of price ranges depending upon the features and comfort they provide to the users. Their price ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to even thousands of dollars depending upon the quality.

If you got a good budget then you can buy an expensive one with premium quality. However, if you have less money or just don’t want to spend a lot then you can buy a cheap gaming chair as well. They are still much better and comfortable than the ordinary chair you are using.

Do I Really Need a Gaming Chair – Final Opinion

Do I Really Need a Gaming Chair

Yes, if you spend a lot of time gaming and sitting in front of a screen then we highly recommend you get a gaming chair.

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours every day will have a terrible impact on your health and posture. It can cause serious damage to your nerves, muscles, and bones.

Therefore, we recommend you get a gaming chair as it will protect you from all those muscle injuries and damages. It will keep you healthy and comfortable and also boost your confidence and productivity.

So you must give it a try and see the instant results yourselves. You will feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed while sitting on a gaming chair as compared to an ordinary chair. 

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