Is marble dining table good

A dining table is one of the most important things that we need in our homes. Everyone in Malaysia wants a durable and super attractive dining table that can enhance the beauty of their home and make it look amazing. These days, marble dining tables are trending in Malaysia and everyone got this one question in mind that, Is a marble dining table good for feng shui? What are the pros and cons of having a marble dining table at home?

Well, we got answers to all of your questions and that’s why we decided to write this article and clear up everything in your mind before you can get that marble dining table to your home.

Benefits of marble dining table

Here are all the superb benefits that a marble dining table has to offer you:

1. Marble Dining Tables are Very Attractive & Beautiful

Dining tables are one of the most important items in your home where you often sit together and eat with your friends, guests, and family members. Therefore, the dining table must be beautiful and elegant so that it gives a good impression to the people visiting your house and also make your home look attractive.

The best thing about a marble dining table is that it is extremely beautiful, elegant, and attractive. The timeless design and appearance of the marble dining table are pleasant for the eyes of the viewers and also make the entire surroundings look beautiful.

If you compare marble dining tables with wooden, metallic, or plastic dining tables then you will find outthat marble dining tables are way ahead of all the other competitors. The unique beauty of the marble dining table is what makes it different and better from the rest.

2. Marble Dining Tables are Durable

Durability is that one key factor that everyone looks for while purchasing a dining table for their house. Will you like to purchase a dining table that will start falling apart just after few months of use? No, you would never like to waste your money on anything like that. Rather, you will love to spend your precious money on something durable that can bear excessive use and wear and tear.

Marble dining tables are renowned for their premium durability. The fact is that marble itself is very tough, rigid, and durable. If you will take proper care of your marble dining table then it will have a life longer than your expectation.

When it comes to durability then a marble dining table can easily outlive the rest of the furniture items present in your home.

3. Marble Dining Tables Will Never Go Out of Style

The home décor styles and trends keep changing with time. It has happened many times that something precious in the past became completely obsolete in the future. Similarly, you might be thinking about whether if marble dining tables will go out of style/trend or become useless in the future?

The answer is a big no!

Marble furniture has been used by humans for centuries and it is still being widely used today. The fact is that the demand for marble dining tablesis rapidly growing in Malaysia. Therefore, marble dining tables will always be trending and beautiful.

4. Marble Dining Tables are Versatile

The good thing about marble dining tables is that they are very versatile. There are several different varieties of marble dining tables out there featuring unique color tones and designs, etc.

You can explore the vast variety of marble dining tables and choose the one that gives the best vibes to you. 

Whether you need a dining table with a modern, antique, or vintage tone, you’ll get it all easily.

5. Marble Dining Tables Can Be Easily Restored

We often forget to regularly clean and maintain our furniture items. As a result, they start degrading and lose their natural shine and beauty which makes the whole furniture item look ugly and unattractive.

Once the wooden, metallic, or plastic dining tables start degrading, they are very hard and difficult to restore.

 However, the marble dining table is very easy to restore. A little bit of work by an expert can restore your marble dining table and make it look brand new again.

Drawbacks of Marble Dining Table

Along with all the benefits mentioned above, a marble dining table also has somedrawbacks you need to keep in mind:

1. Marble Dining Tables Need Extreme Care & Protection

The surface of marble tables is very sensitive and vulnerable to scratches. It can also be easily stained by different kinds of foods.

Therefore, if your marble dining table is used excessively then you may need to keep its surface sealed to avoid degradation. Moreover, you will also have to regularly clean and maintain it otherwise its surface will start degrading and becoming dull.

2. Marble Dining Tables are Expensive to Restore

As we were telling you above that marble dining tables can be easily repaired and restored to their original condition by an expert who will make them look brand new again.

However, the cost of restoring marble dining tables might be expensive in some parts of Malaysia. Therefore, you need to keep that factor in mind as well.

Is Marble Dining Table Good for Feng Shui?

marble dining table good or bad

Feng Shui is a very ancient and traditional practice in the Chinese culture where we arrange different types of items in our homes in a certain way to create a perfect balance with nature.

The objective of Feng Shui is to surround the home with peace, love, harmony, and stability.

Many Feng Shui practitioners are curious and want to know whether if marble table is good for Feng Shui or not. Well, a marble dining table is perfect for Feng Shui.

Granite & marble stones have the properties of the earth that will surround you with a lot of positive energies like peace, harmony, love, and stability. The round marble tables will bless you with career stability, good relationships, and a lot more.

Therefore, a marble dining table is completely good for Feng Shui if you use it the right way.

Wooden Dining Table vs Marble Dining

When it comes to dining tables, there is always a great debate on whether if a wooden dining table is better or the marble one. So, which one is the best?

Well, both wood and marble dining tables have unique features that make them different from each other.

The marble dining table is very attractive, beautiful, and durable. At the same time, it can get stained or scratched easily. So, you need to clean all the stains immediately and also keep the table sealed to prevent degradation due to excessive use and wear and tear.

On the other hand, the wooden dining table is also very beautiful but it is quite heavy to move around. Moreover, they can also be expensive depending upon which quality of wood is used in the manufacturing of the table.

Therefore, you can get the one that fulfills your budget and requirements.

Final Words

Is a marble dining table good? The answer is a big yes! Marble dining tables are very attractive, beautiful, and reliable. They will amplify the beauty of your living space and give it a fascinating outlook. Moreover, they’re highly durable and can outlive every single furniture item present in your house. The only requirement is that you take good care of your marble dining table and regularly maintain it.

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