Is vintage furniture valuable

Determining the fact that whether your furniture is of a good value or just falls in the normal range is not that difficult. Many factors can give you the exact outcomes in this regard but you need to be focused on analyzing and don’t be biased. There are possibilities that you have furniture that has been in your house for a long time and taken care of to the full capacity and still doesn’t attract a good price.

There are also possibilities that you have old furniture which has been repaired and still get a good price. So after going through all these assumptions, hearing from people and manufacturers, people usually have confusion and they ask, is vintage furniture valuable? Well, you will surely get all your answers while your confusion will be wiped off completely after reading this article.

What is considered vintage furniture?

Any furniture piece that has been old enough that it lasted more than 20 years and is in good condition can be categorized as vintage furniture.

It is not usually necessary that every furniture piece should be in good condition, restored furniture which is 20 or more years old can also be considered a vintage piece.

Some people get confused between old, vintage, and antique and usually consider them all as one but the fact is completely different because antique furniture is at least 100 years old.

Is vintage furniture in style?

Vintage furniture has always been in style but it got a huge boost during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the supply chain was not that great during the pandemic and people were focusing more to buy furniture from local stores, vintage furniture was the most found option there as new furniture was not being imported from the international market.

Apart from this, vintage furniture has been attracted by a vast community in almost all regions of the world. Such furniture usually gives a royal look and is often preferred by people who want to create a feature room for their house which looks quite different from modern furniture.

How old does furniture have to be to be considered vintage?

Although the experts claim that any furniture which is 20 years old is considered vintage there are a few buyers who only categorize furniture as vintage which is 40 years old. So, it can be said that anything which was bought on or before 1990 to 2000 will be considered vintage furniture.

If you have no idea about the age of the furniture as you are going to buy it, you can get help from an antique furniture dealer as he will be able to tell you whether it is vintage and valuable or just a regular old furniture piece, in a matter of seconds.

How do I identify vintage furniture?

People usually consider their style and design as the basic identification of vintage furniture but it is not the case as many furniture companies have produced the same designs and they keep releasing their new models. So, you cannot say it’s vintage just because of its shape.

  1. Thoroughly look at the backs, bottom and corners of the furniture as it will give you a lot of clear clues and leads.
  2. Take a look at the additionally attached accessories such as the knobs, handles, screws, etc. If a furniture knob is handcrafted, it is possible that furniture may even date back to the 1960s or prior.
  3. By looking at its manufacturing, determine the tools that were used in its production.
  4. In every decade, one or two woods come in popularity that overshadows other types. Identifying the wood can also give you clues about the age of furniture.
  5. The condition of the fabric could be solid identification as it is most probably the first thing to get affected with age.

Who will buy vintage furniture?

Finding a customer for your vintage furniture is not that difficult if you know the right way of doing so. If you are looking for a common person to buy vintage furniture, you may waste a lot of your time as only a small portion of the world population have an interest in buying vintage furniture.

The best practice is to take a lot of pictures of your vintage from all its angles. Arrange these pictures in a single folder or make a well-looking file. Take these pictures to a local or send them to online stores, especially the ones who are selling vintage furniture in their product listing.

If they are interested, they will contact you and will tell you about its valuation as well. Apart from this, you can follow the same procedure on social media by uploading photos in Facebook groups or Instagram stories. This practice can also bring you solid customers that may give you good value as well.

How much is vintage furniture worth?

The worth can drastically vary depending upon three major factors, design, condition, and age. You can get help from search engines and online service providers that will tell you an estimated value of your vintage furniture simply by looking at the pictures you sent to them.

Is vintage rattan furniture valuable?

If we simply talk about numbers, a vintage furniture piece that is in good shape and condition can be worth somewhere between $1000 to $10,000 in most cases. So, it can be said that rattan vintage furniture is quite valuable but you need to keep it in good condition as they are more prone to quick damage as compared to other furniture pieces.

Is vintage lane furniture valuable?

Vintage lane furniture is probably one of the best and most valuable vintage styles as it can be mixed with any modern furniture and can fit in almost all kinds of themed or decorated houses. Apart from this, such products can also be placed in varying locations such as a gallery, room, kitchen, dining, etc.

How to determine the value of vintage furniture?

Although the online method mentioned in the previous section is convenient, you may not be able to get satisfied as the service provider will not look at the actual product and will determine the value only through pictures. For that reason, it is better to simply take the services of a local store owner who works in the vintage furniture market or you can get it evaluated by an appraiser at an auction house as well.

Can you mix modern and vintage furniture?

You cannot only mix modern furniture with a vintage piece but it is probably the basic reason behind this huge demand for vintage furniture as well. You just need to take care of a few factors so that your room doesn’t end up looking unorganized.

  • Unifying the color of vintage furniture with modern furniture or the theme of the room should be the very first thing to consider.
  • Statement furniture pieces such as Art Deco Headboard are the best choice to be mixed up.
  • Refinishing the furniture is essential if it is giving a clear indication of old furniture. You may want to keep a piece in its original form but not all vintage can be kept in rooms without a refinish.

Finding the right balance and right position for the vintage furniture is an important factor in mixing it with modern furniture efficiently.

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