What are the pros and cons of buying custom furniture

Are you currently in the market shopping for new furniture but you can’t seem to find that perfect piece that matches what you have in mind? Well, the good news is that custom furniture is here to the rescue. But, before you go out and think of what piece you should get, it is important to know and weigh first the pros and cons of custom made furniture in Singapore.

Pros of buying custom furniture

Pros of buying custom furniture

You Can Match It to Your Existing Furniture

Are you looking for the ideal match for your adorable classic divan that you inherited from your grandmother? Or maybe you want to find a table that will look great with your Dad’s old chair to bring back some fond memories.

Whatever your reason might be, if you need the best match for your inherited, vintage, or out of production furniture pieces, custom furniture offers you the chance to create pieces that will complement or match your overall interior design and existing accessories.

These custom pieces let you match colors, trends, styles, wood finishes, and accent pieces. Doing so will give you the exact furniture you want with no need to bid goodbye to your well-loved favorite pieces.

It Can Become Heirloom Pieces Made to Last

If you want furniture pieces that can serve you, your children, and maybe even your grandchildren, custom furniture is the best way to go. These one a kind custom built pieces can last for you and your children’s lifetime, making them worth every penny you spend on them.

Custom furniture companies always make it their priority to pay attention to the quality of pieces they build and most of them even used tried and true and old-fashioned methods that most modern companies no longer use to cut costs.

There are also heirloom furniture brands that provide customization and craft furniture with the use of methods perfected through centuries. Custom furniture is a true must-have if you want your furniture to outlast you.

Maximum Customization is Possible

Pointing out maximum customization may seem redundant. However, the truth is that many pieces have rather minimal choices as far as your preferences are concerned. Standard furniture has been prebuilt to certain specs and often comes in only two finishes or colors if you are lucky.

If you got a particular wood finish or color in mind or if you have an eccentric decorating style that makes use of uncommon colors not often seen in trends, it might be difficult for you to look for pieces that suit your style.

You will have more accessible and open options with custom furniture compared to what you can expect to get with the standard furniture selections. 

Cons of buying custom furniture

Cons of buying custom furniture

Orders for Custom Furniture Can Be Time Consuming

Whether you like it or not, it is more hassle-free to buy ready-made furniture to pieces that are made from scratch. If you want to buy custom furniture, make sure that you are prepared for a longer process.

For starters, you will have to choose the perfect finish or fabric and find the style of the dining set, chair, table, or sofa that will perfectly match your style. There might even be a need for you to decide on the arm style, seat depth, or the legs of the piece.

Several big decisions on how you would like your furniture to look might take a bit of a long time. Be ready to spend this time making sure that you are satisfied with your order before you send over the design to the furniture maker.

Custom Furniture is More Expensive Than Standard Pieces

Due to the different custom features as well as the extra labor required, the process of making custom   furniture pieces is deeper and more complicated than the standard mass-produced ones.

Due to the effort and time involved in the overall process, it might seem like this purchase is a significant one. Depending on the specific level of value you want, custom furniture may seem like it is more expensive than what you might think at first.  

But, with this higher price also comes masterful attention to detail and exceptional quality that you can never expect to get in standard pieces. 

If lower prices are more important to you than customization, a custom piece might not be the perfect option for you. But, if you are buying for durability and quality, the prices of most custom furniture pieces are just within the similar price range that the best or better quality piece will be.

Custom furniture is built to suit your style needs and gives you high quality and durable furniture pieces that are built to last at the same time.

Delivery Time May Take Longer

You may or may not be bothered by the delivery times depending on how soon you really need the piece. Custom furniture will be made according to your specification that might take longer compared to mass-produced pieces. This means that the turnaround time will be longer before the furniture will be ready to be shipped out to you. 

Due to the specific time required for custom manufacturing, it might be best to consider the length of the delivery time before you place your order. If you need the piece right away, you might want to look for other options instead of custom furniture. 

Cancellations May Not be Possible

Probably one of the most important things before you order a custom furniture piece is the fact that you will no longer be able to cancel the order once it is finalized.

Bespoke furniture pieces require a considerable amount of effort and time to produce on the part of the makers. Due to the level of customization and amount of labor involved, it only makes sense that companies want to be sure that their materials and work won’t go to waste. For this reason, cancellations might not be allowed. Remember the above pros and cons of custom made furniture in Singapore to help you make the right decision.

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