What is better, to repair old furniture or to buy new one

Remodeling your home’s interior can do wonders in changing not only the appearance but also the overall feel and atmosphere of your living space. When it is time for you to remodel your house, you got two basic options when it comes to your furniture. You can throw away your old furniture to get new ones or restore the existing pieces you have. But, what is better to repair old furniture or to buy new one for your Singapore home?

Repairing or Replacing Furniture is Inevitable

Repairing or Replacing Furniture is Inevitable

Your children run all over the house while still wearing their muddy slippers, your dog rolls over your sofa after taking a bath, or your partner accidentally spills coffee on your favorite seat.

After some time of settling comfortably in your home, all your furniture pieces will be enduring some wear and tear.  Sadly, even if you try to do your best to look after your furniture, scratches and dents will occur and spills will happen. Whether you like it or not, that piece that you adore and use all the time will also become outdated or worn out.

Sooner or later, there will come a time when you need to restore the outdated style, repair the damages, or just completely replace your furniture even if you don’t want to.

Considering that furniture is an expensive investment and can also develop some sentimental value in your home, trying to choose between replacing or repair furniture is often a tough and tricky decision to make.

Once you have come to realize and accept that your favorite piece of furniture is already worn out or damaged, it is now time for you to decide if it will be worth it to restore or restore the item or to simply get rid of it in place of a newer and more updated model.

To help you with your decision-making process, here are a few important factors you need to consider.

Does the Furniture Piece Hold Any Sentimental Value?

Prior to considering finances and logistics, one of the very first things you need to do is to determine what the piece of furniture really means to you or your family. 

Is it that gorgeous dining room table that was passed down through several generations in your family? Is it the couch that you and your spouse purchased for the very first home you bought as a couple? Is it the coffee table that was made using a rare type of wood that can only be found in a specific country in the world?

You might not always realize it but your furniture might be irreplaceable simply because it carries a very sentimental value in your house and your life as a whole. If it happens to be the case, the best thing that you can do is to restore and repair the piece of furniture no matter what the cost might be. When you do this, making your decision will be easier and simpler.

On the other hand, if the said piece of furniture serves a functional purpose, there are still some other important factors that you need to consider that may affect the cost of repair or restoration. Obviously, the goal here is for you to go down the route that is most cost effective for you. 

What is the Severity or Nature of the Damage?

There can also be significant different in terms of cost based on whether the repair required is structural or cosmetic. 

Cosmetic repairs pertain to those damages like minor scratches and dents. These can also include tears, splits, and small frays in upholstery. Such damages may also include minor spots, stains, and cracks on the wood products. In general, a cosmetic fix is much cheaper in terms of cost, with reupholstery being the only exception.  

On the other hand, structural damage refers to big cracks, breaks, and splits, in the wood. These also encompass broken springs and bent frames on recliners, chairs, and sofas. These specific types of repairs usually require more resources, tools, and time that can make them more expensive.

What is the Specific Type of Furniture in Question?

Long-lasting and good quality furniture tends to be very pricey as well as restoring it or repairing it to put it back to its original prime condition. This is the reason why it is important to consider first the differences in cost depending on the particular type of furniture that needs to be repaired. 

For instance, the price of fixing a small bedside table could be drastically different from the price of reupholstering your entire sofa. The cost of repair may also differ a lot depending on whether the specific piece of furniture is mobile or stationary considering that mobile furniture needs the expertise of a professional and skilled technician.

Should You Hire a Pro or Go DIY for Repair?

Should You Hire a Pro or Go DIY for Repair

The last but not the least, if you come to the decision that you would be better off if you go down the route of repairing your furniture, you will need to consider if you will hire a contractor or try to do it yourself.

Dealing with furniture repair as a DIY project will let you significantly lower the costs. However, remember that there is still a need for you to invest in the materials and tools required for the job. You also need to invest your effort and time. If you feel that you are handy enough to do the task, the DIY approach might be your best option.

There are also several types of repairs that call for specialized tools, proper training, and professional skills. In this case, enlisting the services of a contractor will give you the assurance that you will be getting a high standard quality of repair and will also give you the kind of result that will leave you happy and satisfied.

You also need to think of the risk of injury when using the different chemicals and power tools. Expert repairmen have been trained with the essential skills for handling such mechanisms safely. Spending some extra money will also be a safer option because you know that you let the professionals handle the repair. 

The Bottom Line

Consider all these factors to help you determine whether you should repair your furniture or just buy a new one.

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