Where to sell antique furniture in singapore

Did you just found that the furniture present in your home is antique and not something ordinary? If yes, you are very lucky because in Singapore, if your furniture is antique in true manners, it can be worth a lot of money and you can sell it at a high price to earn a lot of cash.

Now if you are thinking about where to sell antique furniture, don’t fret! We have covered it all for you in this article. Our professionals have explained all the tips and guidelines on how to sell antique furniture so you can extract the maximum cash whenever you decide to sell antique furniture. So let’s jump into the article.

Determine the authenticity and worth of your antique furniture

Start with determining the authenticity and worth of your antique furniture because the first step towards selling antique furniture is to determine its authenticity and value. It is a very important step because you cannot sell anything unless you have all the knowledge about it and know what exactly you are selling.

How to determine the authenticity of your antique furniture

While selling antique furniture, you must keep in mind that every vintage item doesn’t qualify as an antique. You need to determine whether if your furniture really qualifies as an antique or not. You can collect all the available information about your furniture like its age, material, and manufacturer brand or company. Then, you can search up the info on the internet or ask out some people in the market to know if your furniture is actually antique or not.

Hire an Appraiser

Another way to determine the authenticity of antique furniture is to hire the services of a certified appraiser. An appraiser will review all the details of your furniture and let you know if it qualifies as an antique or not. Moreover, he will also calculate its current worth and provide you an authentic document that you can use to deal with authorities. However, keep this in your mind that an appraiser charges a lot of money for his services. Therefore, we advise you to hire an appraiser unless you are sure that your furniture is of a very high price.

How to determine the value of your antique furniture

For selling antique furniture, there a lot of factors that play a crucial role in determining the worth of your antique furniture and some of them are given as follow:

Age of Furniture

Unlike ordinary furniture, the value of antique furniture keeps on increasing with time. So the older your furniture is, the more value it has. 

Condition of Furniture

If the antique furniture is in good shape, and still got a lot of life span left, then its value will be higher as compared to worn-out furniture pieces.

Material Used

If your antique furniture is manufactured with some extraordinary material then its value will be more.


If your antique furniture holds any special cultural, historical, or religious significance then it has a great impact on its value and you will earn a lot more.

Where to sell antique furniture?

Go to antique shows

There are a lot of antique shows held all across Singapore where people display antique items. So if possible, take your furniture to such antique shows where you can not only find potential customers but also determine the worth and the authenticity of your antique furniture. It will help you learn more about your antique furniture. You can keep an eye on newspapers, community websites and groups to know when and where such events are held.

Get a free verbal appraisal from local auction house

You can also visit your local auction house in Singapore to check if they give a free verbal appraisal or not. Although verbal appraisal does not include any documentation but it helps you get an estimate about the worth and authenticity of your furniture. 

Use the internet

Type the name and properties of your antique furniture and search the internet for similar items. Doing this will also help you get an estimated value of your antique furniture.

Now as you have complete details about your furniture, the next step is to sell it. Don’t know where to sell antique furniture? No worries! We have explained everything for you.

Sell it to an antique store

You will find a lot of antique stores across Singapore where you can sell antique furniture pieces. Take a trip to an antique store and tell them all the details about your furniture. Negotiate everything with them and make a deal.

Sell it online

The Internet has turned the world into a global village. Now you can access anyone in Singapore using your smartphone. There are multiple online market places like e-bay, Singapore Facebook groups, Craiglist, Etsy, Ruby Lance, and many more, where you can access millions of people in no time. Just simply upload the pictures of your furniture with a detailed description and mention all of its characteristics and properties. The customers who’re interested in your item will contact you through your contact details.

Sell it at an auction house

Auction houses are a great place to sell antique furniture items. There are a lot of auction houses around Singapore where antique furniture items are auctioned and antique collectors come to purchase them. You can also take your antique items to any of your nearest auction houses and get your money after successful bidding.

Ask out your relatives & friends around

You can also try asking any of your friends or relatives who had their eyes on your antique furniture. They will purchase your furniture if they are interested in it. Even if they are not, they will ask people in their circle of influence and help you find a potential customer.

Tips for selling antique furniture fast

You can sell antique furniture really fast and earn more money if you do it the right away. Many people wait for months and still fail to find the right customer because they lack proper knowledge and are doing it the wrong way. Follow our guidelines to sell antique furniture fast:

  • Do not Over Price: Always price your antique furniture according to its estimated worth. Overpricing will only bring disappointment for you because no one likes to pay more than the actual worth of something.
  • Take High-Quality Pictures: Pictures convey a better message than words. So thoroughly clean your furniture and take high-quality photos of it in bright light. Your pictures will allow the buyer to have an idea about the condition and outlook of the furniture and make him confident towards purchasing the furniture.
  • Always be Honest: Antique furniture can also be damaged and there is nothing awkward about it. You know it, the buyer knows it, and everyone knows it. So if there are any scratches, dents, and any other damage due to excessive wear and tear on your furniture, never hesitate to share it with the buyer. It will increase their confidence as they will know what exactly they are paying for, and you are not hiding anything.

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