Why is my new sofa so hard

A sofa is the most important and most used furniture item in our homes. Perhaps, we spend most of our time in the house sitting on a sofa watching TV and doing different other tasks. You might have noticed that whenever you buy a new sofa, it is just so stiff and hard. It becomes very uncomfortable to sit on. Why’s that so?

Well, do you have the same question in mind that why my sofa is too hard? If yes, then you have made the right decision to be here. 

In this article, we will be exploring all the factors that make a new sofa too hard and how you can soften your new sofa. Let’s quickly dive into this article that will solve your problem very easily.

Reasons Why Your Sofa is Hard

Reasons Why Your Sofa is Hard

First, we will take a look at all the reasons why your new sofa is too hard to make you understand the process. After that, we will get to the solutions you can use to soften your new sofa. So here’s the thing:

1. You have not broken in Your Sofa

The very first reason your new sofa is hard could be that it has not completely broken in yet. It is very common and natural for a brand new sofa to be hard because that’s just the way every new sofa is.

When a new sofa is manufactured, everything is in the right place and that’s why it feels so hard. But when you constantly keep sitting over it then it starts breaking in. It becomes more comfortable, softer, and flexible than before. 

The case of a hard sofa is very similar to your shoes. Have you noticed that whenever you buy new shoes, they are also very stiff and hard? But they start breaking and become softer and comfortable when you wear them for a week or two. In some cases, the shoes even increase one number in size after breaking in. The same is the case with your sofa.

We recommend you give it some time. Just use it as much as you can so that the sofa breaks in quickly and become more soft and comfortable. 

2. You’ve bought a Hard Sofa

If the new sofa is taking an unusual amount of time to break in and doesn’t becomes softer and comfortable even after weeks and months of use then you might’ve purchased a hard sofa.

There are some sofas out there that are not meant to break in at all. No matter how long you use them they will stay hard because that’s just the way they are made to be. 

Therefore, we recommend you check the sofa material to ensure if you have bought the right one or not. If you find out that you have purchased a hard sofa then you can either sell it or replace its internal material. We’ll give you some more solutions in the article below.

How to Make a Hard Sofa Softer?

Here are the steps you can take to make a hard sofa softer:

1. Break It In

As we were telling you above that if your brand new sofa is very stiff and hard then there’s nothing to worry about because it is very common natural. It will start getting softer and softer over time. All you have to do is to break it in.

Sit on your sofa as much as you can and try bouncing on the sofa. It will compress its foam and cushions and help them go down. This way the flexibility and elasticity of your sofa will improve and it will feel much softer and comfortable for you.

2. Reduce the Stuffing

Usually, the sofas feel harder because the stuffing is new and it takes time to break-in. But if you have given a lot of time to the sofa to break in then you can also try removing and reducing the stuffing inside it.

This option may not be feasible for all kinds of sofas because different sofas are stuffed with different types of materials. Especially if it’s foam then it becomes even more impossible.

But if the stuffing inside your sofa is removable then you can open up its zipper and try removing some of it. If you can’t do it yourself then you can also consider calling an expert. What this will do is make your sofa compressible, soft, and comfortable.

3. Replace the Stuffing

Another option that you can try to make your hard sofa softer is to replace its stuffing.

You can get some softer stuffing from the market that is compressible, soft, and comfortable. After that, you can get the existing stuffing of the sofa removed and replace it with the new one.

This trick can also help you make the sofa softer.

4. Put Sheepskin over It

We know that removing and replacing the stuffing of a sofa is not an easy job and could consume a lot of time, energy, and money. Therefore, if you want a quick fix and easy solution then you’ll get it here as well.

You can purchase some sheepskin or something similar that is soft and comfortable. Then you can put it over the whole of your sofa or at the specific spot where you sit. It will give you a soft and comfortable place to sit. It’s a good quick fix if you want to save your time & money.

5. Get Fluffy Pillows

Again, if returning the sofa or replacing the stuffing is not an option in your list then you can opt for another quick fix.

Get some soft fluffy pillows from the market and put them on your sofa. The fluffy pillows are very delicate, soft, and comfortable. They will make your whole sitting experience very easy and pleasant.

6. Sell the Sofa

If no other option seems to work for you then the last thing is to sell the sofa. You can either sell it in the local market or find an online customer yourself.

You will at least get back the money you have spent on it and then use it to buy another one carefully. This time you need to be extremely vigilant that the new sofa you are buying is soft and comfortable for your use.


We have explained all the reasons behind a hard sofa in complete detail and the solutions you can use to make your sofa softer. You can read out everything and then follow the solution that seems most suitable in your case. 

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