Will furniture dent vinyl flooring?

Vinyl is a kind of flooring made with synthetic materials like plasticizer, fiberglass, and PVC vinyl. This kind of floor is made with multiple layers and therefore is generally durable. Although durability is an essential factor to consider when getting new flooring, that’s not what earned vinyl flooring its popularity among homeowners. Vinyl flooring is recognized for its water-resistant quality.

However, despite the amazing qualities of this type of flooring, people still wonder whether it can hold up against indoor furniture and would sometimes ask questions like, “will furniture dent vinyl flooring?”. You will find answers to this question in this article, as well as 5 proven steps on how to keep dents out of vinyl flooring. Step no. 2 is important. Keep reading to find out!

Will furniture dent vinyl flooring? 

Yes, furniture will dent vinyl flooring. Unfortunately, even though your vinyl flooring is expensive and has many amazing qualities that are missing in some other types of flooring, it is highly susceptible to scratches and dents from the furniture. Nonetheless, do not despair because, towards the end of this article, you will have learned the various ways in which you can protect your investment in this flooring against furniture hazards. Keep reading!

Does furniture dent vinyl plank flooring? 

Yes, furniture can dent the surface of your vinyl plank flooring. Even though there are lots of benefits that are associated with using vinyl plank flooring, one of the downsides to using them is that they can be easily scratched or dented by the feet of all kinds of furniture, whether it be a bed, sofa, table, or piano. Hence the more reason you have to pay attention to the protection tip that will be shared later on in this article.

Does vinyl flooring dent easily? 

Yes, vinyl flooring can dent easily. Although vinyl flooring is made to stand the test of time, the most interesting fact about them is that you do not have to drag or move furniture on them before they get scratched, scuffed or marked; just leave any heavy piece on them for a long time, and you will start to see these signs.

Will heavy furniture dent vinyl plank? 

Yes, heavy furniture will dent vinyl planks. Yes, you will use your vinyl plank flooring for a long time, but one thing you cannot entirely avoid unless you take the necessary steps is damage that can result from placing heavy furniture on your vinyl flooring. Sadly, the resulting damages can be permanent, which is why you have to be extremely careful with this kind of surface if you do not want them replaced earlier than expected.

Do laminate flooring dent with heavy furniture? 

No, laminate flooring doesn’t get dented easily with heavy furniture. Laminate flooring is made out of stones, granite, or wood and therefore is generally durable. Yeah, I know I said the same thing about vinyl flooring. However, unlike its vinyl counterpart, laminate flooring, for the most part, is not vulnerable to scratches or dents that can be caused by heavy furniture. With that said, note that laminate flooring can also get scratched or dented when furniture is roughly handled on them.

Can you put furniture on vinyl plank flooring? 

Yes, you can put furniture on the vinyl plank. That I said vinyl flooring can get easily scratched by furniture does not mean you should stop using furniture in your house. Also, you cannot refuse to take advantage of the durability provided by vinyl flooring by not using them just because you want to use heavy furniture. There are sure proven ways you can use furniture on vinyl flooring without getting scratched or damaged. You will find out about these secrets later on in this article.

Can you fix dents on vinyl plank flooring?  

Yes, you can fix dents on vinyl plank flooring. It is quite understandable if you fidget a little bit when you see dents on your vinyl surface. After all, if it was dirt, you know it can be easily removed with any of your home-based cleaners. Well, the good news is that removing dents is as easy as getting stains out of any surface. All you need to do to get out, is to follow the steps that will be suggested in this article. 

How to get furniture dents out of vinyl flooring 

  1. Put your iron on the cotton setting and preheat it for 5 minutes.
  2. Spray a household cleaner and the spot with the dent and wipe over it with a paper towel. This is to ensure that you are working on a clean surface.
  3. Get a dishtowel moderately moisturized and lay it gently on the dented area of the vinyl flooring.
  4. Hold the heated iron above (an inch high) the dented vinyl surface and move it in a circular motion for like 3 minutes.
  5. Verify whether or not the sent is gone. If the dent persists, repeat the process until there are no more scratches or dents on the surface.

How do you keep dents out of vinyl flooring? 

The best way to keep dents out of vinyl flooring is to be extra careful when placing or moving furniture on this delicate surface. I know you cannot entirely avoid contact between these two, but you can surely avoid damage by making use of floor protectors and mats. Also, when moving furniture on the vinyl following, make sure not to drag them, instead, call someone to help you lift them.

How do you protect vinyl plank flooring from furniture? 

The most effective and permanent way of protecting your vinyl plank flooring from furniture scratches and dents is by applying a felt pad protector to the feet or base of your furniture. This can help to minimize scratches and dents. Not only that, but it will also prevent the flooring from routine wear and tear.

How soon can you put furniture on vinyl plank flooring? 

If you have just laid your new vinyl plank flooring, the recommended wait time before placing furniture on them is 48 hours. This time frame will give the adhesive underneath the plank enough time to dry.

How much weight can you put on vinyl plank flooring? 

Even though vinyl flooring is generally very strong and can handle the weight of most heavy furniture like the piano and refrigerators, the average weight of furniture you can put on them is 500 pounds.

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